Why We Still Need CD Duplication To Market Our Products

Looking for a more cost effective way to impress your fans and clients? Show them how much you care about your product by producing a well put together CD package. CD duplication is still a great way for a musician, corporation, or individual to create multiple copies of digitized media effectively. When CD duplication is needed, choosing quality media duplication and replication services is imperative. Trusting your project to a knowledgeable service provider is essential to acquiring a successful end product.

Indie artists, writers, software programmers, businesses, and graphics developers often require manufactured CDs and trend setting packaging. Professional CD manufacturing need not be a method utilized only by big name record companies and software manufacturers. Unfortunately, some CD manufacturing companies still require a minimum of 1000 units to place an order or only deal with lengthy and detailed contracts, leaving individuals who need these sorts of services with few choices. Luckily many CD Duplication plants will take even the smallest orders seriously. Some plants even offering both services, mass run replication and short run duplication. Look for a duplicator who will work with no minimum quantity required orders for CD duplication or DVD duplication which comes in handy when you’re in a pinch and only need a few.

Looking to woo a client? Consider rising above the competition with a fresh idea like eco friendly packaging. A CD accompanied presentation complete with documentation and attractive case art can give you the edge needed to one-up your competition. CDs are sturdier and easier to carry in a briefcase than a folder filled with loose paperwork. Professional CD packaging will leave a lasting impression, giving the presenter a chance to look like a hero. Portable and easy to distribute as well as capable of holding a countless amount of information, a quality CD does wonders for a business reputation. Make a lasting impression. One that will keep them coming back for more.

Home duplication units are fine for one offs but they are not really intended for the production of professional looking CD duplication and CD printing. Often, independent musicians are the number one seekers of quality media duplication services. After spending a large chunk of cash on studio sessions to get the perfect tracks, ordering less than optimal CD duplication is a definite mistake. For best results one should have their CD duplication and CD packaging done with a professional CD manufacturing plant.

When it comes to CD Duplication and printing leave it to the pros. You’ve created the content, they can take it from here. Look for a duplicator who will offer personal attention to your order, one who will take the time to explain their process and providing you with excellent customer service.

In a bind? Need CD Duplication like, yesterday? Stop by Disc Outlet′s site and get your CDs in 1 – 2 days! Choose from many CD Printing and Packaging options online 24/7.

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Reasons to Opt For Cavity Insulation with Spray Foam

Cavity Insulation is probably one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to lower your home heating (or cooling) costs and to reduce your carbon footprint. While newer construction methods require the use of insulation during building, older homes and buildings, especially those of brick or masonry, can contain little other than the dead air space between the walls. This is the ‘cavity’. It needs to be filled.

In the early part of the twentieth century home builders working with brick or masonry discovered a better way of erecting a building’s exterior walls. Rather than a single wall, they progressed to building two, thinner walls, close to each other and separated by a gap of air. This method made the walls stronger and sturdier and added a certain degree of insulation too. There are millions of existing homes with this configuration and several ways to improve the energy efficiency of these buildings even farther. It’s a simple matter of ‘filling the gap’.

There are ways to improve this situation drastically. By filling the gap (the cavity) between the two walls, efficiency can be almost doubled. One tried and true method for doing this is to drill little holes in the exterior wall and to blow in plastic beads, which will settle in and fill up the void. This will make a big improvement, to be sure, but there are better ways of accomplishing this job.

Bear in mind that the double-wall construction was only used on exterior walls of a building, so they’re the only ones needing the upgrade. Luckily, most exterior walls are accessible from outside the occupancy, which means there will be little disruption during the process for those inside the home or office. It also makes the job fairly simple and straightforward.

As technology has moved forward so have the means for upgrading a home’s energy efficiency. Proper ‘weather-proofing’ not only lowers a home’s energy consumption but also increases it’s liveability and comfort level. It’s estimated that the simple process of properly insulating your walls can reduce your heating bills by as much as 60%. Most people will save as much in the first few years as they initially paid for the upgrade. After that, it’s money in the bank.

Today’s best method of doing a retro-insulation job is with the use of expanding spray foam. The foam is introduced as a liquid (containing a polymer and a foaming agent) with a special nozzle through a hole drilled in the wall. The foam then expands into every nook and cranny of the space, providing an air-tight barrier.

There is no better wall cavity insulation method. The dried foam will never settle, sag or shrink. It will stop the heat from going out in winter and from coming in during the warmer months. It will pay for itself and save tons of money in the future. Your house will be more comfortably liveable. It’s a great idea.

Would you like to learn more? Then please go to Fusion spray foam Insulation site.

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Attraction Marketing’s First Rule

Know Your Target Market:

The first time I was introduced to the network marketing industry was at a meeting held at a big hotel auditorium. There were a couple of people drawing a bunch of circles on a board explaining the compensation plan. All I remember was it looked like a page out of a football playbook. They talked about how people are just waiting to hear about this type of product. They showed us a plan on how to go out and talk to potential prospects about this incredible opportunity. If you have been at any of these meetings, you know what I’m talking about.

We were told to make a list of one hundred people that we knew. How many people do you know? I had a hard time thinking of who to put down, so I wrote down all my friends and family. Uncle Fred, Auntie Jean and anybody else that I could think of.

The auditorium is filled with excitement. We all are roaring to go. I am ready to go out and have my first meeting at my house. I call everybody on the list. Not as many show up as I would like, but it’s my first meeting. How many showed up at yours? How many still claim to be your family and friends? You do this because you were told to by your leaders right? You want to succeed at this don’t you? They are your leaders and they are successful and this is how they do it….right?

There is a better way. You have to get to know who your target market is. If I wanted to start a baseball team, I would go out and find baseball players. People that understand and play the game of baseball. I don’t think that I would find baseball players at Uncle Joe’s or Auntie Jen’s. They don’t know anything about baseball.

There is a 95% failure rate in the MLM industry. Why? They are talking to all the wrong people. You must focus your attention on other network marketers. They know the business and have proven that they are interested and willing to try anything that will help them succeed. You don’t have to explain to them how an MLM business works. They already know. This is your target market.

I mean lets get real here. Would you really want to talk to your brother who has a ”9 to5 Job” mentality, or to Kim Barnes, who is already working hard in an MLM business, but just hasn’t put all the pieces in place yet? Don’t waste your time sticking fliers on cars in the mall parking lot. Lazar target your energies toward the people who are looking and ready for what you have to offer. Target all those other network marketers out there.

When you finally discover and learn who your real target market is, you now can be very focused as to what their needs are and how you can offer them the solution that they are looking for. That will be coming in rule #2 of attraction marketing.

There are only three types of people in the world. Those that make things happen. Those that watch things happen, and those that wonder, ”what just happened?” Which one are you?

Learn more about Brian Gosur. Stop by Brian Gosur’s site where you can find out all about Attraction Marketing and what it can do for you.

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Facts About The Golden Ratio Behind Trading Levels

The Trading Levels are based on the golden percentage of .618 applied to rate. In the previous article we talked about trade management along on viewing whole numbers as psychological levels where traders tend to enter and exit trades. This article will detailed on what these numbers are we have coined the term ‘Trading Levels′.

Leonardo Fibonacci The slightly under recognized 13th Century mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci, noticed in nature recurring patterns that could be identified mathematically now known as the Fibonacci sequence of numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144 and so on. This numerical sequence is the sum of any two adjacent numbers in the sequence that forms the next higher number in the sequence: 1 plus 1 equals 2, 1 plus 2 equals 3, 2 plus 3 equals 5, 3 plus 5 equals 8 and so on. The ratio of any two sequentially numbers in the sequence approximates 1.618 or its inverse .618, known as the golden ratio or golden mean. This ratio is also a natural part of the Elliot Wave Theory which Robert Prechter outlines superbly in his book The Elliott Wave Principle, the bible on Ralph Elliott’s price behavior theories of the 1930s.

Almost people notice Elliott quite complicated when in fact it’s quite unfussy, and with just three rules. (It’s my belief that in general traders find it difficult to follow their own trading rules let alone another’s. It’s a major reason why most traders donate their money to the professionals the rich get richer! Ask over whatsoever professional trader and they will joyously explain to you that a little discipline towards their own trading rules goes a very long mode.

What are Trading Levels? We view the Fibonacci sequence simply as ‘Price’ that is, 1 becomes 1 cent, 2 becomes 2 cents, 3 becomes 3 cents and so on, 5 cents, 8 cents, 13 cents, 21 cents, 34 cents, 55 cents 89 cents. The second aspect to understand is that the sequence expands by the power of 10, that is, 1 cent expands by the power of 10 and becomes 10 cents, 10 cents then becomes 100 cents or $1. Then $10 then $100 then 1000 and 10,000. High numbers like this can be used on Indices such as the Dow Jones which is presently trading at Trading Level 1 (10,000). Its previous support or Trading Level 8 (8,000) also comes into play. These are our Trading Levels and are levels of support and impedance in bare terms. The same rule applies to each number in the series eg. 2 becomes 2 cents (expand by the power of 10) becomes 20 cents, then $2, $20, 200, 2000 and so on, (where zinc is currently trading). The Fibonacci sequence and the expanding by the power of 10 will start to look like this: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 13, 20, 21, 30, 34, 50, 55, 80, 89, 100, and so on. Remembering these numbers are now ‘trading levels′, and that any of these levels can be cents, dollars or points. The reason they work is because they have a kinship to one another and that is the golden ratio as you can see in nature itself.

Are certain levels more important than others? Yes. More than likely 10 will have more presence over its neighboring numbers 8 and 13 as will 20 to 21 and 30 over 34, 50 over 55 and so on. As a guideline, if there has been a large correction at $10 (Trading Level 1) then there will most likely be a smaller or minor correction a the next level being $13 (Trading Level 13) so the next major correction will be at $20 (Trading Level 2). In even more detail still for the budding Elliott observers, the guideline of change comes into play among wave 2 and 4 – if wave 2 is simple and sideways at trading level 1 ($10) then we can expect wave 4 to be sharp and complex. BNB is an example of that. You also start to notice that a five wave structure of one degree will occur between the Trading Levels, making Elliott even easier. I am talking about this operating in stocks that are in cents, dollars and indices, the three charts below show you this operating.

How to use them? Corrections can occur at these Trading Levels. Corrections are where traders can lose money and caution is warranted in avoiding being trapped in a trading pattern you don’t understand. Once the rectification is completed – there are many ways to work this out – then the market will keep on moving. I prefer to buy into new highs and sell into new lows, volume pending. The other obvious point here is not to buy before these levels, as you will probably be moving into a profit taking correction. You demand to be patient and remain until the market has rested back above a trading level and then enter once new highs are confirmed. Too a large sideways rectification at a Trading Level is a proficient base for a healthy run to the next Trading Level. The Trading Levels will become more apparent once you draw the horizontal line on your chart at the appropriate levels. You will also begin to notice that there are smaller Trading Levels between two Trading Levels – it is at the 50% level that there will be the largest minor correction. This is important to be aware of as you can move your trailing stop down under the monthly bar to ride out the storm in the tea cup.

The Trading Levels are the discovery of www.ka-ching.com.au and used as part of its 12 month trading email service on what, when and how we trade. The trading levels are also taught in the CMC 2 Pro Trading Course held monthly in most states.

In the next article, we will have a closer look at the constructional phases of the trade set-up and entry signal at the trading levels, the how, when and why to enter and how to place that initial stop loss under the volume for safety.

TradingLounge.com.au and the TradingLevels Analysis Service have been developed by Peter Mathers to meet a growing demand for accessible, sensible education and his TradingLevels-based analysis. Delivering high quality analysis and trades recommendations for shares, CFDs, trading signals . If you want to know more about trading analysis, click here.

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Affordable WWE Tickets For You

WWE or the World Wrestling Entertainment has become the most famous entertainment events that is touring the country. Their shows are generally mobbed by thousands of people plus the arenas which they perform in are constantly sold out. Owing to the wide fan base that this group has, many people are asking for methods for getting affordable WWE tickets. Since I am a passionate WWE fan personally, here are some of the things which I do to get the tickets to the WWE show that I really want.

1.Visit their promotional events. The first advice that I want to offer is that you have to get out there and attend the WWE promotional activities. Within these kinds of events, you are not limited to having to meet your favorite WWE superstars but you may also get some free gifts at the same time. A lot of the freebies that you will get from these types of events are limited to WWE merchandise like posters and stickers. Yet, in some rare occasions, they are going to hand out free show tickets or even discount coupons that you can use.

2.Buy extra tickets. Another popular technique to get affordable WWE tickets is that you need to purchase additional tickets. Many people get extra tickets since these people intend to offer the additional tickets that they get at a more costly cost. This is true particularly if the event is sold out and the demand remains high for that event, the net income that you are able to gain from selling the additional tickets that you have can cover for the cost of the actual ticket that you’ll be making use of.

3.Go online. Nevertheless, if you wish to get the best prices when buying affordable WWE tickets, you need to use the internet and check the different internet sites that are supplying and selling this stuff. Auction sites for instance are the first sites that you need to go to. Whenever a ticket is sold at an auction, you can get it at a higher cost as compared to normal but you may also get yourself a ticket for lower the purchase price. Therefore it is necessary that you check out these sites on a regular basis.

Discussion boards and fan sites are some other places that you could go out and find affordable WWE tickets. These websites provide you with folks that want to get rid of their tickets because of one reason or another. Look especially for those who want to sell their own tickets urgently because these people frequently sell their tickets at a very low price. These are some of the things that I do and I am convinced that they’re very useful in assisting you into getting affordable WWE tickets.

Before you decide to purchase any tickets online, make sure to check out these two excellent websites Concert Tickets, and WWE Tickets. No matter what kind of event you’re searching for, visit these sites for speedy, safe, and guaranteed satisfaction!

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How to Have a Safe Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Experience

Anyone would be fortunate to get an aesthetic plastic surgeon who will guarantee you your safety throughout the procedure. Your general safety lies in your hands, though. Here are some tips to ensure that you will have a safe aesthetic plastic surgery experience.

Check Your Doctor’s Credentials

The best results do not rest on the hands of your doctor alone. It is undeniable though that he is one of the most important factors that contribute to patient safety. One way to find out if you will be under capable hands during aesthetic plastic surgery is to ask the surgeon himself. During pre consultation, make sure you ask him if he is board certified and is a member of a reputable organization for plastic surgeon. Ask him too about his experience in aesthetic plastic surgery.

Needless to say, you cannot always rely on what your surgeon tells you. To make sure that you really have an expert, log on to internet search engines and search for state medical board or surgeon organization websites contact information. These resources will be able to help you verify a surgeon’s educational background, license, board certification, experience and records of malpractice.

Check Facility Accreditation

Aesthetic plastic surgery can actually be conducted in facilities outside of hospital jurisdiction. To ensure your safety though, you should make sure that your surgeon’s clinic has been accredited by a reputable accrediting organization. It is a fact that majority of non hospital aesthetic plastic surgery facilities are not accredited. Accreditation however will imply that experts have surveyed the facility and judged it to be safe.

It is also advisable to check beforehand if your surgeon has hospital privileges even if he has his own clinic or facility. Having hospital privileges means that a hospital board or committee has examined and studied your doctor’s credentials and have deemed him capable in his field.

Ask About After Surgery Policies

You may be so eager to ask about your doctor’s credentials and the procedure itself that you end up forgetting all about after-surgery recovery period. This period involves follow up visits and in some cases surgical revisions. This means that you may have to dish out more cash. Make sure you ask your doctor ahead of time about his after surgery policies and fees or you might end up unable to prepare for the financial requirements of follow up surgery for surgical mishaps.

A generally good health and physical fitness will qualify you for a plastic surgery. A good surgeon will be able to determine that for you. You should know though that you should provide your aesthetic plastic surgery doctor the right information about your habits and lifestyles. Aside from your medical history and emotional fitness, your lifestyle may also contribute to the success of the procedure and recovery.

Certain lifestyles like being overweight or being smoker may make you unqualified for the procedure. Your surgeon may require you to first maintain healthy habits and to lose a little weight through exercise and diet before conducting a cosmetic surgical procedure.

Are plastic surgery procedures safe for you? Find out more regarding plastic surgery procedures from unbiased online sources and make informed decisions regarding it.

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Submitting Articles to Article Directories

The internet is a vast place that contains a lot of information. There is a constant need for new information on the internet, and that is why an entire industry has sprung up around the concept of creating content for the internet. Some content is created to help a website get a better placement on the results pages of search engines, other content is created to inform the reader of information that the website owner feels is important. No matter what the specific purpose of internet content may be, the overall driving force behind the creation of internet content is to get people to come to the website hosting the content.

You will find a multitude of sources for internet content. A website owner might select to hire their own content creators in home and spend the money on content creation that way. There is a big population of website proprietors that feel that website content is better bought via companies that have an expertise in creating the content they need, so they’ll buy content from content providers and operate with those providers on specifications that the website owner may need. Other website proprietors look to alternative means of securing website content that isn’t quite as customizable but much less costly.

The more enterprising internet business owners spend a great deal of their time understanding how business on the internet works, and how information is bought and sold on the internet. One of the very popular sources for internet content is called an article directory. An article directory is a place where people post articles and essays on various topics and allow people to use the articles on their website for either a nominal fee or free of charge. The trade off is that the author”s information must appear on the website using the content. As you can see, this can work out as a great opportunity for a few different kinds of people.

The frustrated author that is having issues getting their operate published can use an article directory to get their operate out to the masses and let the people decide if they want to use it or not. An author that has been looking to get their name circulating can get a byline on the websites of individuals that use their content, and they get to make use of that as experience when putting together proposals for other writing work. It can be difficult to get a byline on a major internet publication, and get credit for your operate. An article directory gets your work out to a lot of people, and some of them may choose to give you the byline you have been looking for.

This also applies to authors that prefer to create current events articles and news pieces. Once again, it could be extremely difficult to break into the national media and get a byline on a national publication. Offering your current occasions pieces as part of an article directory can help to get you the exposure you need to launch your career in journalism.

The more entrepreneurial internet business owners also submit articles to article directories, and they use them to help promote their business on other websites. When a website owner is going through an article directory looking for content, they have specific needs in mind that they are looking to fill with the content in the directory. If the content happens to be written by a business owner, then that may lend credibility to the article and help the website that decides to host it. The author gets exposure for their business and a chance to show their expertise in their field, and the website owner gets credible content for their website at a very low price or for no cost at all.

An article directory is a great example of the internet working precisely as it was intended. The internet is meant to be an exchange of information along with a worldwide marketplace. When content from one website advantages the writer and also the receiver with out any money ever changing hands, then you’ve a perfect scenario for both parties. This is just one with the several methods a business proprietor can get free advertising on the internet.

Visit Kyle’s article directory, a site where to free submit articles respecting the article submission guidelines.

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What’s The Best MLM? Get These Tips So You Know What To Look For

If you’re looking for the best MLM company to work with, you’re not alone. Nearly 1600 people search for this on Google every day! So what should you be looking for to find one for you? What sets one company apart from another?

MLM companies have so many facets to their businesses, and almost every single business’s compensation plan is different. With so many options, it’s no wonder it’s confusing and frustrating to try to find the one that’s best for you! And of course, nearly everyone is looking for something completely different, so it’s hard to listen to other people’s opinions if you’re not sure they’re looking for the same thing.

There won’t be a single person who’s trying to recruit you who won’t tell you they have the best compensation plan, the best training, and the best products. In fact, they’ll outright tell you that they have the best MLM for you.

But – YOU are the only one who can choose the best MLM for you. And with all the information out there, that can be a difficult task! You need to look at the companies you’re evaluating from a general standpoint, so you can see what works and what doesn’t across the board.

So – what exactly DOES the best MLM do that makes them different?

First of all, you should definitely understand that not all compensation plans are alike. A compensation plan needs to be sustainable – so the company should require that most of their products are sold to customers who are not also distributors.

There needs to be a distinct difference between customers and distributors in any MLM company, and most MLM companies do not distinguish between them. If all the company’s customers are also distributors, and the company has to pay them a commission on what they buy, then they will simply not generate enough sales to continue to pay all their distributors and continue to stay in business.

The next thing you need to know is that not all products are consumer driven – and if they’re not consumer driven, they will not be easy to sell. Think about the products you use on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and then find a company that offers those products. If you work with an MLM company that only has products that are luxuries and not necessities, you will find that you’ll hit a wall eventually when it comes to your sales and expansion.

These first two things are what will make or break your MLM opportunity. All too often, unfortunately, companies that do not implement a sustainable compensation plan or have quality, usable products end up going out of business. It’s really too bad, because it leaves so many people out in the cold.

The last thing you need to know is that, no matter what your experience level, the right training is what will be the determining factor in your success in the best MLM. The company needs to have training on new age marketing as much as they do on old school tactics.

While there is nothing wrong with the old-school tactics, it’s still important to make sure your business is moving with the marketplace. This takes place by researching the best and most effective ways of marketing, which is – with NO DOUBT – internet and attraction marketing. Partnering with a company that not only accepts internet marketing, but also embraces it, is where you want to be.

Remember “C.P.T.”: Compensation, Products, Training. When you find the best combination of all these things, you will have found the best MLM for you.

To see some examples of the best MLM compensation plans, products, and training available, make sure to read the resource box below this article. To your future success!

Learn more about C.P.T. and the Best MLM. Stop by Kate Lawler′s site where you can find out all about the Best MLM and the training you need.

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7 Simple Steps To Make Hip Hop Beats With A Beat Making Software

For music oriented pals and hip hop lovers out there, It’s now time to enjoy yourself and make hip hop beats of your own style and discretion. If this is something that you want to do, then this is your chance as beat making software has now existed. It doesn′t matter if you’re a newbie or a pro in hip hop beat production, with a beat maker software, you can make the most of its features to make hip hop beats a lot faster and easier. Here are a few steps to help you:

1. Pick a style- Decide for the style of hip hop beats you want to produce. This should be the first thing to consider when you aim to make hip hop beats.

2. Choose your favorite artists and listen to their songs- Your favorite artists will serve as your inspiration. Listen to their songs and see how they manage their beats and the blending of sounds. You can have many of them for more variety of style you can blend later on.

3. Make a layout. You are now on your way to making your own hip hop beats through arranging things by making some layout of your intro, chorus, and verse, bridge, etc. The basic form in rap is 2 or 4 bar intro, 16 bar verse, 8 bar chorus, 16 bar verse, 8bar chorus, 16 bar verse, 8 bars chorus.

4. Lay down the beat. Always start with the drums. Learn the Kick, Snare, Hi hat for a good start. You are now in the initial stage to make hip hop beats so make sure to record every step of the way to keep track of your progress.

5. Layering. In this part, you already have created your initial beats. The next thing would be to make some layering to make the song appear bigger. Fill the gaps in between using musical instruments, verses, chorus and other lines. Do this layering throughout your beat and it should sound good.

6. Apply your mix. Do this for each tract. Just make sure not to distort all tracts. Always try to make them clean with the help of some musical instruments. With decent beat maker software, this should be very easy.

7. Finish it up. To make hip hop beats wouldn′t be complete without this last step. This is where you will convert your creation into readable format such as Ṃ. This way you can share your work to your friends and be able to use it to any application you want it to apply.

Experience for yourself how to make hip hop beats and enjoy your own hip hop beats by visiting us at Beat Making Software and enjoy its many features.

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Craft Website – Site Hosting and Site Builder for Beginners

With the rising costs of gas, the number of people who shop online continues to grow daily. Countless numbers of folks are enjoying the comforts of shopping from home.

Why spend your time driving to and from stores, finding a place to park, shopping only during the hours the store is open, enduring crowds, and so forth? Instead, shoppers know they can shop comfortably at home in their easy chair, hassle free.

One growing area of business in particular is the selling of handcrafted items on the internet. Just a few of the products crafters are selling include soaps, candles, bath bombs and salts, pottery and clay, paintings, spice seasonings, seasoned meat rubs, aromatherapy crafts, quilts, primitive dolls, wood signs, and furniture.

You do not have to spend a fortune to create your website. You do not need a site programmer or web master. DIY, or do-it-yourself, website builders make this a very simple project that even the beginner can do.

Some site hosting companies target a specific niche, such as crafting and handcrafted items. Because the site host specializes in that particular business, they can offer much more assistance in helping you build up your site and achieve more sales and profits.

For as little as $12.50 a month, you can have a craft website, including hosting and an easy to use DIY site builder. You will need a domain name, which is only $9 per year, and that’s about it. You can use PayPal to accept online payments, and the fees associated with that are very reasonable.

So, in summary, you can have an online store for around 45 cents a day. Shoppers can browse through your products any time of the day or night. Imagine making sales while you are sleeping! In fact, it is crazy NOT to have an online store selling your crafts for you round the clock considering the affordability.

You may sell your crafts on EBay or other auction sites, but there are fees involved with that and they are not cheap. Not only do you incur store and listing fees, but payment acceptance fees and sales commission expenses as well.

Having a presence on auction style sites such as EBay is still a workable solution, but use your presence there to prompt visitors to your own website store, saving you listing fees and commissions. Just be sure to follow the auction site’s policies for doing this.

Your niche craft site host will be happy to tell you ways to promote your site for free. You can use paid ways to promote your site as well, but take advantage of the free methods first.

You can be your own boss, make a living doing what you love, work the hours you choose, and allow your business to be as big or as small as you desire.

If you are a crafter and want to sell your craft products on the internet, now is a great time to do it. It is a lot of fun, it’s very affordable, and the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel running your own business is very gratifying.

Let Penney Layne launch your craft website using their DIY Site Builder, easy enough for beginners to master quickly. Get more free info on launching and promoting your Craft Website at Handcraft Market.

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