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The Zerona Laser Assessment And Critique For Cosmetic Surgeons

This will be a assessment and critique of Zerona lasers, a cosmetic laser procedure that is definitely becoming more widespread with laser centers, medical spas and skin clinics. This specific overview relates to a particular report entitled Low Level Laser Therapy Effectiveness For Reducing Pain After Breast Augmentation, American Journal Of Cosmetic Surgery Volume 26, November 3rd, 2009. This abbreviated study was first released on Laser clinic MD.

1. The very first thing they teach you throughout medical school regarding how to assess research is exactly who obtained the analysis. In this instance the particular mentor for this research and review was Erchonia the organization that makes Zerona lasers.

2. So , who submitted this great article? In this instance the article seems to have been authored by Ryan Maloney. Who is Ryan Maloney? He is not just the medical director of Erchonia he literally is one of the owners of the patent on the Zerona laser. Besides that you do not identify his experience. We find out he is not really a PhD or MD. Otherwise it would be right behind his name in the authorship of this article. He boasts a immediate financial benefit to create this content in a beneficial light.

3. 8 individuals didn’t feature finalized measurements. The 1st problem is precisely why? 4 had been from the treated group and four were from the placebo group. At first that would seem to be OK, but whenever you examine further into it, these people kept all of these test subjects contained in the study. They took the final measurements for those subjects and took them forward. Once more, it appears fine to start with but whenever you begin to look at the trend of circumferential reduction at the two weeks post treatment the measurements are trending back toward base line. So as soon as you incorporate all these patient’s final measurement (which incidentally is the best total average circumferential reduction through the procedures for the treated group) and carry these forward they’re going to artificially reduce the true values two weeks post treatment. All eight of the subjects should’ve already been eliminated from the study.

4. There isn’t any appraisal of cosmetic effect. To have this be worth anything you’d probably have to have before and after pics that are analyzed by a group of those who are blinded to what procedure the individual participant received. So, in other words, is a three inch loss aesthetically noticeable.

5. They just do not say if patients are male or female. So the question is left, can it work as well on guys as it will on females? This may be very important because men are more likely to have thicker skin. And so, should the laser penetrate as deeply in guys?

These are just a few of the issues. If you’d like to read more, the entire discussion is posted over at Medical Spa MD (

Medical Spa MD is a cosmetic medical community of Plastic Surgeons, Cosmetic Surgeons, and Skin Clinics with more than 4,500 physician members. Medical Spa MD offers reviews on Zerona lasers and provides info on medical treatments.

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A Few Pointers For Approaching Art Galleries

Approaching art galleries for the first time can be quite intimidating for an artist. It is important to realize that although a gallery owner may have a passion for art, his or her main concern is making a profit for the business. There are a few tips you can follow, if you feel you are ready to approach an art gallery for the first time.

First of all, you don’t have to have a degree, or be on the cover of ArtForum magazine, for your artwork to be valuable. Many people are simply born with a gift, and showcase that talent in their artwork. Others may be self-taught, and have a very unique way of expressing themselves on canvas. Regardless of your background, the one thing that really matters is whether or not your artwork is marketable.

It is important that you realize that art galleries are also businesses, and they are interested in making a profit. It is likely that you will have to endure a few rejections, before you get to a “yes”. It is not personal. These owners are very aware of what sells, and what doesn’t sell in their galleries. So, in many cases, it has more to do with the clientele than your artwork.

Finding the right type of gallery is imperative, as you will be wasting both party’s time if you take a contemporary piece of art into a gallery that specialized in a different type of them or style. Look for galleries withing your area that may fit the style of your artwork, and plan to visit them in person. This visit is not to present your work, but to evaluate the establishment to get an idea of what type of art they may favor, and what type of client base they may have.

Most dealers would rather schedule an appointment with the artist. If you find a gallery that you feel would be a good match, call the gallery to schedule a meeting with the owner or gallery dealer. Most dealers prefer meetings during the week, so keep this in mind if you are asked to suggest a day to meet.

Decide on which pieces you plan to present at the meeting, and be on time for your appointment. It is not uncommon for a gallery to follow a particular commission structure, so it may be a good idea to ask what policies and procedures they have, when it comes to selling pieces in their gallery.

If the dealer feels that your artwork is a good fit for the gallery, he or she should present you with some type of contract. This should include the amount of time they will present your work; as well as, the amount of commission that will be kept by the gallery. If the dealer does not feel that you and the gallery are a good match, be sure to ask if he or she can recommend another gallery.

If you plan to present your pieces to art galleries for the first time, keep in mind that a rejection does not mean that your art is not gallery worthy. Just remember that these are places of business, and they are very familiar with what type of artwork experiences success in their gallery.

With over 33 years in the art galleries Toronto business, this Toronto art gallery is uniquely qualified to offer art consultation and advice to assist clients in the acquisition of fine art for the home or office.

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Get To Know More About The Solar Products

We begin to be aware that we live in a world that is polluted and that we must try and do everything in our power in order to make a difference for the better. Solar power is an energy source that can help us change the way we live for the better and many are realizing this and are starting to embrace the idea of solar power products into their lives.

The Benefits Of Solar Power Products

First and foremost, solar power products will have a direct effect on your wallet, as you will be saving considerably on energy, for example, if you have a solar power flash light, which you use extensively and would require batteries every month the same applies with the batteries of a watch, calculator and so on.

Another benefit with excluding the use of batteries, for example, is on the environment, as we will eventually cut down on hazardous and chemical waste, which has its say on a variety of things, and one of them is global warming that we can all see and feel.

We will directly feel the benefits of solar power products, as we will have smaller bills to pay for energy and also by the generations to come, as we will hand them a cleaner and better world.

Different Types Of Solar Power Products

Due to the fact that people are growing more conscious everyday about the environment that we live in, the industry is promoting solar power products and therefore, you will be surprised at the amount of items you can get from cars to domestic utensils and accessories for daily wear.

Some solar power products are available in the department stores, such as watches and other electronics. Other items, however, might only be found somewhere on the internet. Someone, somewhere is selling whatever you’re looking for on Ebay right now.

Invest In A Better Tomorrow

Solar power products are expensive, but the benefits that derive from them are more then making up for the price, besides, they will pay for themselves in a couple of years anyway, as you will save on energy, or energy providing sources, such as batteries.

You may also want to keep in mind that solar power products will require extra care, especially where the solar panels are installed, and they may require to be placed in direct sunlight in order to get charged and be able to perform the performance time depends from item to item, for example, a solar oven may work for six to eight hours while a solar powered watch will work for days before it needs to be exposed again.

If anyone who wants to find the useful information about the solar water heating he can find what he wants in the site of solar power.

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Get What You Need From Your Local Calgary Kia Dealership

If you are looking for a great driving car then head down to your regional Calgary Kia dealership today and see what they have to offer you. Three dealerships exist around the town of Calgary to assist you in purchasing a great driving Kia model. The company based out of Korea is known for their well priced vehicles.

From the first car on the market, the company has come a long way since the Sephia. Now you can find many different styles that will fit any taste or need. They have been growing since 1992 and are making a place for themselves on the market, especially in this economy where you need the most for your money.

Many fuel conscious buyers enjoy the models that Kia produces. Even their less gas worthy models compare high to other companies. The Rio four door sedan is a beautiful model that rides well and has a 1.6 liter engine. The DOHC engine produces 110 horsepower with a five speed manual transmission.

The Forte is a sporty model and worth coming down to test drive to one of the three Calgary dealership. You can drive home a Forte for the price of sixteen to twenty thousand dollars. This depends on the extras you get. Fortunately most extras come standard.

If you need something larger for the family check out the Sedona with a seven passenger capacity. It is a minivan with five doors. You can find the base model at around twenty seven thousand. If you want something on the higher end, there is the EX luxury version for about twelve thousand more. Both have a 244 hp with a V6 engine.

Are you a busy mom but allergic to minivans? No worries as Kia also has the Sportage. It is a five door, five passenger SUV that will give you what you need with a starting price at around twenty two thousand dollars. You can do most weather as well with the front wheel drive that comes standard.

If you need more room than the Sportage, try out the Borego. This one is a seven passenger, five door SUV. This is the most expensive vehicle in Kia’s Line up. With a base model starting at $37,985 and a fully equipped model checking in at $44,395. It is also the only model with an available V8 engine. The 4.8 Liter DOHC V8 engine produces a whopping 337 horsepower. You pay for it at the gas pump though. Highway mileage is 9.7L/100km.

The newest car to the line up is the Kia Soul. This is a front wheel drive SUV that holds five people in style. These small SUV’s are all the rage with the younger buyers. No matter what you desires or tastes, your local Calgary Kia dealership will have the car that you are looking for.

Be sure to visit a local Kia dealer and check out the entire line-up of Kia vehicles. For more Kia Dealer Calgary information online check out Kia Calgary today.

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Utah Crane Rental Service: Tips For Choosing The Best

Getting an excellent Utah crane rental service is not too challenging with the right research and information. Maybe you are building your dream home or are constructing a large retail project, you will want to consider renting a crane. There are crane rental companies, no matter if your job is big or tiny, that specialize in what you need. It is important to do a little background study though, when deciding which Utah crane rental service to hire for your job.

How long has the corporation been in business? In my assessment, the longer a corporation has worked with cranes, the better they are at it. I try to only use companies with over 10 years of crane work on their resume. From time to time, I will even make sure that my provider has over 50 years working with cranes. You will usually be certain that you will be receiving quality work from a business with that much experience.

Look into the different kinds of cranes that the business uses too. A Utah crane rental service will offer a wide assortment of equipment to get your job done. Boom cranes and mobile truck cranes are two that I have used on my past projects. I don’t know all the classifications, but I do understand that each machine has different strengths. I will usually interview the business owners about the types of cranes that are most suited for my own job and they always can answer my questions.

Will they take pride in their customer service? I only work with a company that is out to make sure that I am happy. Inspecting a business’s web page will give you a good idea whether they are going to be into your needs. Keep your eyes open for them to mention, Contact Us Anytime or We Guarantee Our Services. Later, make sure that when you are talking over your job that you are feeling like they are working with your schedule.

Are their other clients happy? Before I decide on a Utah crane rental service, I will look online for testimonials about their work. If I can’t see them, I will inquire with the business, if they could provide a way for me to check their work references. There are some amazing companies that do stellar work and are usually thrilled to provide that information.

Continuously strive to provide customers with top-of-the-line crane rentals at the lowest prices possible at Utah crane rental service or you may also refer crane operators.

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Gold Making Guide – Tips On Generating Gold In WoW

Running low on gold? Here′s a gold making guide that shares some advice on how to gather more gold. Warning: This guide won′t make you reach but it could definitely help with paying the bills among other things.

Pick up a money-making professions Be it a primary or a secondary profession, WoW professions are specific fields of specializations that enable you to create ordinary objects into something of value. Tailors have the ability to create robes, shirts, novelty shirts, and most types of bags which they could sell for a profit. Skinners can collect animal skins and sell these to leatherworkers. Miners can tap into ore nodes and transform whatever mineral they collect, if they’re blacksmiths as well, or sell their ores to blacksmiths. There are a lot of possibilities for generating income as a practitioner of a specific profession, whether it’s for selling gathered stuff or in providing specialized services.

Needless to say, it is not a smart idea to practice very expensive professions like engineering and enchanting. These may allow you to do some of the coolest things in the game, although at the expense of your income.

Make money via the auction house. You’ll find gold at the Auction House, literally. After all, it is gold that runs the Auction House. If you have items you could auction off – rare finds, some quest rewards, things you don′t need anymore, or gods you have produced using your profession – you can put them here. It is a lifeline of sorts so you can definitely use it to earn extra gold.

It could be tricky to use, however, so learn the ropes of auctioning first before you put up your items for bidding.

Go fish for gold. A secondary profession, fishing is most often seen as a boring profession. On the flip side, despite it being slow paced in comparison to the rest of the game, it is a decent way to generate modest gold income. Sure, it is a boring hobby. But if you know which waters to fish, you will find some really good fish which you could sell in stack and some rare finds which you could sell for gold. You’ll be surprised with the absurd, but valuable items most fishermen pull up with their rod.

Use an ALT character. An ALT is an alternative character that is often played alongside a main character in the same server. Using it for generating extra gold may require a bit of serious work as you will have to level it up, skill its professions, do quests with it, and other stuff you do with your main character. All for the purpose of gaining extra gold.

Once sufficient gold has been collected through an alt, this money can be sent via the in-game mailing system to the main character. This may be done another way, though. Send off all excess materials from the main character to your alt, have these processed through it, and send back the profits to the main character.

It is also smart to have a reserve character to be stationed near major cities or near the Auction House. This is advisable to players who are anticipating to stay in the wilds for a long time.

Finally, this WoW gold making guide suggests that you purchase yourself a mount. Yes, you will needs lots and LOTS of gold to buy one, but it’s always worth buying a mount if you’re looking to speed up your search for gold.

A gold making guide should be able to tell you not only the fastest way to earn gold, but also the most efficient and the least time consuming. There are plenty of these on the web – some are free, others you have to pay for. Try one today and see how much difference a gold guide could make.

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How To Handle Attrition In Network Marketing

You may have heard about or experienced yourself the pain of building a large organization only to have it shrink faster than you can rebuild it. This is called “attrition″ and is like fighting to keep your head above water. The question is what causes it and whose responsibility is it to handle. Especially in network marketing where it is easy to blame the company or the members of your group who failed to build it along with you.

Slowing down or stopping attrition requires that one establish whose responsibility it is. If a distributor blames the company or his sign-ups, he cannot do anything about it. He has by that blame put the whole matter in someone else′s hands. If you do not want to work so hard only to watch it shrink, decide first that you are the one who can fix it.

Those sign ups who are only there to see what happens and leave after a short time to try something else are part of the overall scene. Leaders who take their group with them and move to another opportunity is also common. But this article is about the kind of attrition where the whole thing backs up.

Some say that the health market is saturated. One of the top marketers stated recently that he was through with marketing health products. I’ve heard several others mention that the health market had too much competition. I’ve seen repeated derogatory comments about “the next juice″ or “miracle health” item. Yet those marketing the products profess that health and diet are a billion dollar industry, the largest of most network marketing companies. And, obviously there are some distributors doing very well with these products.

If you are considering a nutrition or consumable product for your home business, thorough research is vital. You will hear, for example, that nutrition is a multi-billion dollar industry. If you divide that by the thousands of companies, how much money is that for each company? Are they still expanding. How many distributors are there already that want a piece of that pie?

Supply, Demand and Delivery are the three vital factors that affect you as a home business owner or online network marketer. It is important to understand the difference between a CUSTOMER and a DISTRIBUTOR. When you supply a product or service with which a person is happy, you have a customer. A distributor wants an income. Any third grader learns that there is a balance between supply and demand that is manipulated by price. Yet most network companies never alter their price. You, as the distributor, must be able to control the balance of supply and demand.

A serious distributor who truly wants to build their home business will get trained on these points. There are millions of people looking for a home business on the internet. Are they looking for a vitamin? Or, are they looking for a way to make money. If you don′t find the demand, you won′t know what to supply.

It is good advice to keep an eye on what the top earners are doing, to befriend them, subscribe to their websites and learn from them. Obviously, those who have succeeded are the experts. For example, if you were planning on making some investments, you would study Warren Buffet, right? You would read books, learn as much as you could before turning over your hard-earned money to a broker. True?

In selecting a home business, you might want to pick up two of them. One would be all your training, a marketing system and connect you to top earners all in one neat package that can be given to your group members easily. Such a company would provide multiple income sources in an “earn while you learn″ manner.

Several such companies exist. There is a lot to be learned about network marketing and having a system that includes training available for the members of your group can severely reduce attrition. It adds value to your program as well as additional income. It can move a consumer into a position of a willing distributor. Knowledge is power.

In regards to supply and demand, we have the factor of price. A non-consumable product that fairly priced or saves the consumer money reduces attrition. When a distributor makes money within the first 30 days, he is also less likely to leave.

People want something of VALUE with no shelf life. You drink the juice and when it has been drunk, it is gone. Psychologically, that can translate to a lower value. When you research the rise and fall of network marketing companies, do it on a professional level, choose wisely and provide your sign ups with the training they need to succeed.

As you look over the various network marketing systems and potential home businesses, there are questions you should ask yourself. Do you feel the product is worth the price and in demand? Does the company have a good customer support service? Do you have a marketing system to offer your customers/distributors? If they do not make money in the first few months, would they be happy with just the product? The answers you get will tell you if this is the right home business for you or a short term venture that will die out from attrition.

Want to find out more about network marketing systems, then visit Cheryl Currie′s site on how to choose the best top internet marketers for your needs.

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Chevrolet Silverado, what an Awesome Vehicle! Info and 2010 Model

The new Silverado (redesigned GM𔮤 generation) earned the North American Truck of the Year award for 2007 and was Motor Trend magazine’s Truck of the Year for 2007. Like its predecessors, the new Silverado offers buyers a choice of two door regular cabs, four door extended cabs and four door crew cabs with the rear doors opening in the same direction as the front doors.

The Generation III small block V8 engines offered in the GMT 800 trucks will be replaced in the GMT 900 series by the Generation IV small block V8 engine family, featuring upgrades such as increased power and Active Fuel Management on the 5.3 L and 6.0 L V8s. A new high performance 6.2 liter V8 was introduced with the 2007 Cadillac Escalade and 2007 GMC Denali line, and is now available on the Silverado LTZ trim line. This addition now makes the Silverado/Sierra trucks the most powerful half-ton trucks available. After skipping the 2008 model year, with 2007 being the last for the GM𔭀 hybrid line, a two-mode hybrid model has been introduced in late 2008 as a 2009 model.

The majority of the GMT 900 trucks continue to be equipped with the four speed transmission that was found on the GMT 800 platform. A more modern 6L80 6-speed transmission is standard equipment on the GMC Sierra Denali and the similar 6L90 is standard in all Heavy Duty models. As production capacity is established, 6-speed transmissions are expected to replace 4-speed transmissions on most truck models in coming years.

There are two dash options offered in the new Silverado and Sierra. A luxury-inspired dash that closely mimics the dash in their GM𔮤 SUVs, and a “pickup″ dash that is more upright to make way for a passenger seat in place of a center console.

Silverado LT/LTZ models underwent a subtle facelift for 2010, including LED headlamps, revised door trim, and shinier chrome on the grille; all Sierra models were left unchanged.

If you want to know prices and more info, check website, a Great Resource for Car Prices, New Cars, Auto Parts and Accessories! You’ll find also Jackets and GPS Navigators.

This is the Right Time to visit a Cool Auto Warehouse website, with AutoWarehouse links and Cool Gifts like Leather Jackets, Gadgets and More! You’ll find also Huge Deals and Huge Offers for New and Used Cars. What else are you waiting for?

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Cosmetic Surgery & Med Spa Advertising — Click Fraud

[I:]When you’re among the many cosmetic medical clinics, skin clinics, med spas or laser clinics marketing on the internet with Google pay per click, you shouldn’t be flabbergasted to find that quite a few of the cash that you’re coughing up every month is sucked out of your advertising and marketing fund by click fraud.

You may not think that it is already happening to the plastic surgery, laser clinic or cosmetic dermatology practice? Here is a recent quote from the CEO of click fraud dealer, ClickFacts:

“In extremely scam prone areas such as finance, lawsuits and medical, we have seen PPC scam rates in the 30%-45% range. A majority of these are categories that see high key phrase pricing in the Pay-per-click auction model. That ensures they are especially delicious for click fraud artists. If you can make more money in the bad side compared to the light side of search, there are many people who may take advantage.”

There are two major ways which your skin clinic, med spa or laser clinic marketing budget is being cleared by fraud:

First, rivals which see your ad just click on it, draining your advertising dollars. Second, PPC fraudsters build ‘affiliate’ sites are setup which run your ads where they are clicked on by bots or employees. These sites are the most detrimental considering the fact that you are coughing up for every single click void of any return. Click scams around med spas, laser clinics or skin clinics often is very rewarding since plastic surgery, laser clinics or cosmetic dermatology practices are becoming such a competitive market and the payment per click should be very high.

Sadly, to keep your advertising account safe you could have very few tools. It is easy to bet they’re not that Googles not excited by your particular account, especially considering the fact that Google is making money from click fraud when your ads are clicked on.

To help, reduce your own exposure to click fraud. Should your med spa, laser clinic or skin clinic is operating a PPC campaign, restrict the maximum amount you expend per day. Utilize this feature by restricting the maximum cost. It is possible to also hunt for the trails of click fraud by analyzing the information you might have accessible to you. A number of clicks coming from the exact same Internet protocol address can be a sure sign of scammers.

Countries such as Malaysia are becoming a real center for click ‘sweat-shops’ that clicks created there might be utterly discounted and new Adwords accounts tend to be regularly rejected.

Protect your skin clinic, med spa or laser clinic by keeping track of your Pay per click account. You’ll be able to make sure that you are the only person looking to.

For anyone fascinated with understanding what plastic surgeons and other medical professionals managing nonsurgical cosmetic medical spas think about the most up-to-date Intense pulsed light (IPL) and dermatology laser technology choices out of Solta, Palomar, Candela, Cynosure, Lumenis, Syneron, Sciton, Alma, Cutera , and skin treatments such as Thermage skin tightening, Smartlipo, Botox and Dysport, liposuction and laser treatments, have a look at all the aesthetic skin laser discussion threads on Medical Spa Or Plastic Surgeons Office MD, a online community of health professionals in cosmetic medicine.

Switch MD is a cosmetic laser clinic community of Plastic Surgeons, Cosmetic Dermatologists, and Aesthetic Physicians with more than 5,200 physician members and hosts the most current physician discussion forums on laser treatments and non-surgical cosmetic medical technologies.

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A Closer Look At The Toshiba 22DV555DG TV

Toshiba prides themselves on providing high quality electronics at a cheaper cost to the competitors and they certainly achieve this. Plus, with one of the best support forums in the market complete with forums and message boards you certainly can get the information you need. So read this article to find out about they new 22DV555DG LCD TV and why it’s a great choice.

This lovely black LCD TV measures 43.9 cm in height, 53.6 cm in width and 20.7 cm in depth. It weighs 6.1 kgs.

This 22 inches LCD TV comes with a built in DVD player that allows you to enjoy movies and videos from your own collection. It is compatible with CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD RW, DVD-RW, DVD R, DVD, CD and MP3 media types.

This widescreen LCD TV with TFT active matrix technology supports a maximum resolution of 1650 x 1050 pixels and image aspect ratio of 16:10. In addition, it is provided with an image brightness of 300cd/m2 and contrast ratio of 1000:1. This smart gadget provides you a maximum viewing angle of 170 degrees vertically and 160 degrees horizontally. It has a blazing screen response time of 4ms.

The splendid Toshiba 22DV555DG 22″ LCD TV supports PAL and SEACM analogue TV tuners along with SECAM-D, SECAM-B, SECAM-K, PAL-B, SECAM-G, PAL-G, PAL-I, PAL-D, SECAM-L and PAL-K reception systems. In addition, it is provided with DVB-T digital TV tuner with TNT service.

Further, this superb LCD TV provides you an infrared remote control. The connectors include 1 SCART, 1 HDMI input, 1 component video input, 1 audio line in, 1 composite video/audio input, 1 headphones and CI slot.

This amazing LCD TV supports stereo mode of sound output it consists of 2 speakers of 3 watts each that ensure crystal clear audio. Other features include colour temperature control, auto power off, MPEG photo playback, MP3 playback, digital comb filter, HD Ready, 256 pages teletext memory and Bass boost.

This device consumes 70 watts of power when in use and 1 watt in standby/sleep mode. It comes complete with a table top stand.


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