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Search Engine Optimization v’s Search Engine Marketing

It’s the age old question. Should you use Pay Per Click service such as Google’s Adwords so that people can find your website, or should you invest time and money in getting your website properly optimized so that it can be found in the organic ranking results?

Without knowing your website’s objectives, or your company philosophy that is a tough question for us to answer. There are also other monetary and marketing factors that need to be considered before a determination on whether a choice of one, or a combination of both would be your perfect fit.

In order to avoid disappointment your expectations need to be set at a reasonable level, and having the answers to all of the above will help to set those expectations.

Whether you are employing a search engine optimization company to do this work for you, or if you plan on doing the work yourself, this article will act as some baseline knowledge for you to build upon.

The first thing you should know is the difference between Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. A lot of people confuse these terms but they are different and should not be confused.


Search Engine Optimization is what you do to get high organic rankings on the search engines. Ideally you would like your website to appear on top of the first page of search engines such as Google and Yahoo any time someone types in one of your selected key phrases. However without employing good ‘White Hat’ search SEO techniques that goal is unlikely to happen.

Organic listings (which are a direct result of your search engine optimization efforts) are seen by the public as being more unbiased than the paid for sponsored listings. Therefore immediately the trust factor is increased. One study showed only 14% of searchers stated that they trust paid listings, and 29% found them to be ‘annoying’. As mentioned, one benefit of good search engine optimization is that the results are usually lasting and once you get good organic rankings, even if you stopped and did nothing else there is a good chance that your site will remain visible on the Internet for years to come. I am not saying they will remain on page one of the major search engines results pages, because the likelihood is that they won’t keep their current ranking if you suddenly stop what you are doing, but they will show up somewhere in the results pages. The reality is though, that initially search engine optimization (unless you are able to do it yourself) can be just as costly, or even more expensive than PPC or paid advertising. If you choose the wrong search engine optimization company to work with then it could be tantamount to throwing your money down the drain. No doubt you have seen some companies ‘GUARANTEEING’ a number 1 ranking on page 1 of Google. If you get these types of offers in your in-box then my advice is to run a mile. Google is an independent company which doesn’t do deals with search engine optimization companies to allow them to guarantee a number 1 ranking for any particular key phrase.The only way to acheive that all important number one on page one ranking on Google or any other search engine is to ensure you follow the guidelines for those specific search engines that you are targeting, and to continue working on your site to ensure others don’t overtake your site on the rankings list. If you do employ a search engine optimization company to do this work for you, ensure that they do both on-page and off-page optimization. Ensuring that your meta-tags are correctly inserted is not going to be enough, on its own, to move your site up the rankings list so it is in a prominent position so that it can be found.


Search Engine Marketing really encompasses everything that you do in order to promote your website on the search engines. When done well it will not only increase your traffic, but in the case of businesses it will hopefully increase profits. Search Engine Marketing actually includes Search Engine Optimization as a sub-set. So when people talk about Search Engine Optimization they are talkig about a part of Search Engine Marketing rather than the subject as a whole. Other aspects of search engine marketing include:

– Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Setting up successful Pay Per Click campaigns is an art in itself. Simply put you will set up a very short text ad which is worded to entice someone to click it in order to get back to your website. Once the ad is created it will be linked to a series of key phrases, each of which you will attach a maximum bid limit. When any of those key phrases are searched upon your ad will appear in the sponsored ads section of the search engine results pages. If someone clicks on your ad, then you will be charge a certain amount of your money, the amount of which is calculated based on your maximum bid for that specific key phrase and how much competition you have with others ads from other site owners.

– Paid Directory Inclusion

Some directories allow you to pay for your website details to be included immediately rather than having to wait for a certain period of time. For some directories paid directory inclusion is the only was for you to get your website listed. Others use it as an option.

Why would you want to pay to be included in a directory if most people use Google or one of the other major search engines to find businesses? Well you might be targeting a niche group of customers who use that directory on a regular basis. In those kinds of cases it may be a good investment to pay to be included, especially if your competitors are showing up there.

– Paid Advertising

Some websites give you the opportunity to place ads on their pages where you pay for the ads based on how often they are shown on their pages. Unlike Pay Per Click advertising, with this method you have to pay regardless of whether or not your ad is clicked once it has been shown on the web page. You really need to have some form of measuring tool on your site to see how many referrals these sites are sending you, otherwise you could spending a lot of money with no ROI.

So looking at the last three aspects of Search Engine Marketing you can see that each of these potentially offer immediate returns in terms of the visibility of your website on the search engines and other directories.

Pulling together all, or some of these techniques could, and should, help you to increase traffic to your website, which after all is the main purpose of this exercise. So if time and/or your budget allows then Search Engine Marketing could be just what the doctor ordered for your website.

Having said that though I wouldn’t suggest any kind of paid search engine marketing efforts without having a search engine optimization program running in tandem.

Without running a search engine optimization campaign you really are at the mercy of how long your budget will allow you to continue paying for the paid ads and PPC campaigns. Once the budget runs out, or you decide you don’t want to pay anymore then your search engine visibility is back to the point you where it was before you started all of this search engine marketing.

Something you should consider when deciding to eliminate your search engine optimization techniques from your search engine marketing campaigns is that most people click on the organic rankings (usually on the first page of the search results) than those who click on the sponsored results on the sides or top of the pages.

Another consideration is that studies have shown that 70% of searchers prefer to click on the organic listings compared to the paid listings. But since your ad is competing against all the other ads out there who target the same key phrases as yours then this 30% figure is reduced considerably.

If you are getting 3% of those people who search your key words clicking on your paid ad then you are doing really well. So if you do take this route make sure that you have a well written and appealing ad to entice prospective customers to choose yours above the others.

Finally I would like to mention ‘analytics′. Regardless of whether you choose one or more of the techniques you really need to be measuring the performance of all your hard work. Install something like Google Analytics on the back end of your website so you can measure things like how many visitors are coming to your site and where they are being referred from. If your hits don’t improve as a result of your search engine marketing efforts you definitely need to revisit what you have done and then make the required adjustments so you get better results.

I wish you the best of luck and all the hits your heart desires!

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Find Out Where To Buy Amazon Kindle 2

It is of no doubt that Amazon Kindle is gaining its popularity in the market already. More and more people are looking forward to buying their own Kindle or perhaps have it as a present for someone special. That is no longer a surprise since Amazon Kindle contains everything that an individual would like to have with him. It has the great look and great functionalities in one. With its features, you couldn’t help but Buy Amazon Kindle for yourself too.

There are two versions of Kindle already- the first Kindle and Kindle 2. Buyers might prefer choosing the second kindle since its advertisements show more features and capabilities than the first one. This time if you would also like to experience having this kind of device, you may want to ask Where To Buy Amazon Kindle 2?

Owning your own Kindle is very easy to do. First of all, Amazon sells these Kindles so you can always go to them whenever you need one. It is in this recent time only that Kindle can already be found on its parent website and that is because the public demanded for it. Amazon, in return, can’t help but answer the demands by having this Kindle wireless reader available for sale and as expected, the reaction was overwhelming and the products were sold in an instant. To see more of these Kindle’s photos, you can now log on to the Amazon site and made the order straight from this site as well since they offer a very reasonable shipping rate.

Aside from going to the Amazon site, you can also visit eBay for their online auctions. However, you have to take note on some differences that are behind these two methods. One difference is reflected on its price. EBay offers lower price than the regular price at Amazon. Another thing is that buying this Kindle straight from Amazon is more convenient than buying one from eBay since in the first place, Amazon is the parent site for this kind of product.

You can also find a Kindle locally by checking on Craig’s list that is if you live in a major metropolitan area. With that, you will surely be able to save expenses on its shipping. If you’re planning to add your Kindle with another one, you can simply register your Amazon Kindle with your Amazon account online and with the use of your own Kindle, you can then buy books, subscribe to newspapers and other media too.

Indeed, planning to buy an Electronic Book Reader is a great idea and in having the right one to own, you must be wise and clever. The price and the size of the library are two of the things that are always mentioned by most Kindle review sites. With Amazon Kindle, not all people might agree with the price but for avid readers, everything it has, including the price is worth it. Who can imagine having thousands of books and a lot more to have in the future all found in this single device? That is indeed worth considering too.

For more real reviews and product information on this e-book reader, visit Wireless Reading Device. We have gathered the facts about Electronic Book Reader to prove it.

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Big Agencies Are Prepared To Pay You Right This Minute For Your Personal Spare Time!

Web marketing has reached new highs over the past couple of years. Throughout ’08 while many offline organizations were having difficulties to make profit, on line sales skyrocketed together with internet advertising consumes up 23% regardless of the downturn in the economy.

In ’08 businesses spent almost $68 billion marketing on-line and this sum will beyond two-fold by 2011.

Just what exactly does this mean for you?

Well essentially it′s possible to become a commission merchant for these kind of enterprises.The good thing is though “Commission Salesperson” doesn’t work the same on the web as it does offline!

No need to trudge round merchants selling your items, within hope of a compensation cheque that almost cover your gas expenses. You don’t even have to communicate with a single purchaser! No returns to worry about either, because the merchant handles everything.

You only use free processes to market the products and when a person purchases through your link, You actually make money online. These types of strategies are various and you can find lots of of these types of.

The fantastic thing about this technique is unlike numerous other ways to make capital online, no matter if …

* That you do not possess your personal product or service…

* You don’t have your own personal website…

* You actually do not have any brand recognition…

* You do not own any joint venture partners…

* You actually don’t have got a specialized niche…

* You actually don’t have extra money to invest on making this work…

And also if you actually are brand new to computers, you can have great results by using this incredibly simple and tested system.

The greater promoting you do, the more money you make. It happens to be that simple!

If you stick to the methods outlined within this guideline then money will be flowing into your bank-account a lot faster within 2010 and also the next year and the year after.

All you need to get going is a personal pc and internet easy access. You don’t need for any previous experience. Just about all you’ll be doing is creating and distributing ads throughout various forms such as blog posts, articles, social bookmark submitting comments, press releases, videos and a few other secret techniques.

This useful guideline will give you everything you actually require get started and coach you actually Specifically what you actually require to do along with easy to understand, easy to follow video tutorials.

The following really is a powerful way to generate capital on the internet and it′s helping 1000`s of individuals just like you make more cash than they ever could within a boring, dead-end job.

You can work just as much or as little as you please. There won’t be any one to give you actually orders anymore! You are your own personal boss!

You’re provided along with the names of the best agencies to work with, who are professional, have excellent compensation rates and payout on time. You’ll also be shown how to market these kinds of organizations using free methods.

Once you have submitted your ads they will be making capital for you over and over again.

Once you’ve mastered these types of advertising techniques you actually will be able to make cash through out your lifetime.

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Starting A Career In Website Design

Website design is an art which has spread rapidly, certainly in the last decade if not before. The internet as we know it, or the world wide web, began in 1990 and the first website was created less than a year later. It was a brief period between this first site and the development of an industry that provides lucrative careers.

During the short history of website design that they have faced economic hardship more than once; in the late nineties, the expectations of investors were high and the promises made by the technology sector were not delivered. The dotcom crash affected many up-and-coming websites and consequently the website design trade became extraneous.

Website design as an industry is now faring better than many others during the recession – new media and the digital economy have continued to slowly expand, unlike many others. This means that the website design industry is faring quite well against the economic crisis. It is also true that many web design companies are not based in expensive areas like London, but in relatively cheap space like Manchester – where there are a wealth of website design companies taking advantage of big-city atmosphere with lower prices. These companies are even branching out to countries like India, Russia and Romania where not only is space cheap but labour too.

Website design is, despite the economic problems, gaining a lot of popularity and support as a career, with many top-end universities offering courses in all aspects of the trade. In this career, a website designer is not only responsible for the crucial visual appeal of a website, but a range of other things. They must have obvious qualifications in the languages used to code websites, such as HTML and CSS; but also they must have creative skill, such as a good eye for designs and knowledge of photo editing software.

For many people, university isn’t right for them with website designing it isn’t always necessary as many colleges offer City & Guild or BTEC qualifications. This doesn’t mean that you have to miss the invaluable university experience if you don’t wish, however many universities offer courses in website design meaning that whatever your choice, a brilliant career is available.

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Discover Inexpensive Web Hosting Within Your Grasp Here

This turns out to be the most typical means of Web Hosting on offer. Shared hosting refers to the arrangement whereby a business supplies servers for use by multiple clients websites and to whom use of that server is offered for a fee. Depending on their size each server could be accountable for hundreds of web sites simultaneously.

There are a number of benefits to using shared hosting. This form of hosting is usually the least expensive method to use, as the server’s overall price is offset with the payments of multiple customers at once. These methods don’t mean that you need any kind of technical expertise in order to run your website. You’ll never have to make any changes to the server itself. Since this is a paid service, you will of course have access to customer support and contracts as well as official guarantees of space and uptime performance.

The disadvantage is that, as you are sharing a server with other customers, you are also sharing the resources of that server. There is a finite amount of disk space, memory and CPU space on any server so there is the potential that the service may be slow if there is heavy usage at peak times if the web host has have overbooked the server or if the server itself is simply slow The speed of the server itself is a factor in this scenario as well.

Additionally, many dramatic and useful high-end features available to you will not be functional because of shared hosting. There also are some security risks that can be inherent in this type of set up because you are on the same physical server as other people, so if they are doing things that can compromise security they could also end up compromising your security as well.

Most web sites and users find shared hosting to be an model answer to there hosting needs. The only people that will not find many advantages from using this form of service are those that want lots of control over their own server and its contents.

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Booking Online Disadvantages And Advantages

There are many advantages by booking online. Today you have access to information and fast reservations by the Internet. It is easy and the dehumanized process sometimes leaves customers at the computer screen which cannot sympathize with or solve an online booking issue.

An advantage could be that online booking is you get several options which the web sites are introducing to you. By flight or hotel reservations you have the option to look at several available dates and prices. On the phone you do not have the same options. Web designers are experts in introducing you to products while you are on the web site. Therefore, you are offered products while going thought the site or buying process. Some people like these actions and some do not.

The speed of online booking is conspicuous. It is easy to compare services and speed on several web sites. Especially paying online can be a challenge. Sometimes you have to use your PayPal account or the loading time for the web site makes it impossible to pay online. However, these cons are history at the most professional web sites and the best web sites are the ones that you will see at the top of your Google list. These web sites have the best recommendations at blogs too.

For the Internet users the reduced online booking costs are important. There are significant discounts available on the Internet and you do save costs at you are not occupying the phone operators. It costs a lot of cash to let an operator handle the transactions. While queuing on the phone line you might therefore get introduced into the option of booking online.

You may consider potential problems that may appear by online booking. Before you are confirming your order you normally have to click yes that you have read the general terms. It is of course up to you to read it but the convenience of just clicking yes without really reading the terms is a calculated risk. A lot of online bookings can be canceled online. However, some hotels and airline do not allow you to make a cancellation of an Internet booking. In you are not close to an Internet connection when you decide make changes can it be a bit inconvenient.

Occasionally web sites go down hereby you can lose information. Fraud on the Internet is a topic also. Online criminals may try to steal your credit card number by fake web sites or similar scams. Therefore, online providers have made security improvements. In addition some banks provide a credit card service which makes online payment secure for you.

If you wish to use an international and trustful online booking system for your web site then you can read more about the online booking advantages at the Supersaas web site where you can change the language at the top of the Supersaas site.

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The Newest Addition To Sony Ericsson Android Phones

I have been out lately at the mall to go shopping for another mobile phone that will actually provide me with all the features that I will most likely need in order to avoid bringing all the gadgets that I normally bring inside my bag on a daily basis. I kind of got used to carrying a large leather tote bag filled with electronic gadgets such as an mp3 player, my laptop, my wireless prepaid internet USB modem, my digital camera and my PDA.

These are normally all the electronic stuff that I take with me whenever and wherever I go to help to make sure that I do not miss out on anything in case I have to make a quick study, a comprehensive research, take snap shots that I need to send out to my blog at once to have it updated in an instant or simply just to hear several good music while I expend the afternoon simple anywhere.

I know that some people may already consider me as a gadget nerd or freak but I simply can’t live without the function of one of my most-priced gadgets. I must say that I have invested in these gadgets the most and it pays off in terms of productivity and efficiency. I am able to do my work faster and more accurately.

Right now, I am simply getting tired of carrying my large bags filled with all my gadgets and the accessories for each one of them on a daily basis so I decided to look for one gadget that could possibly serve all the major functions that I basically need like music, camera, communication and wireless internet access and I believe I already have several options to choose from. Sony Ericsson happens to offer several smart phone that offer these features in a single mobile device which sports a neat 8 megapixel-camera with 3264×2448 pixels, autofocus, and LED flash that will allow you take crisp and clear pictures even if there is limited source of light available especially at night.

It also features a scratch-resistant surface and an accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate just like what the latest technological innovation in android phones usually are coming up with lately. One of the major differences that this just one has as in comparison to the previous models of the Sony Ericsson mobile phones is that this one contains a 3.five mm audio jack in it which will most certainly allow you to plug virtually any audio device procedures like speakers to listen to your music. The most effective part is that this mobile gadget is Wi-Fi capable and you could access the net quickly. It also features a huge 4-inch screen which will help to make navigation a lot more exciting and easier for any person.

Some additional features that the X10 has are Google Search, Maps, Gmail,YouTube, Calendar, Google Talk, Document viewer and a Digital compass which may come in useful when you least expect it. I guess I have found the phone that I really need and now, Life will be lighter, easier and faster this time withy the help of the new Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 or the X10 as they call it.

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Business To Business Web Marketing Described Completely

B2B Internet marketing defines the commercial relationships between companies. This model has been developed in parallel with the the other approach known as business to consumer or B2C model. Businesses consume products and services: their very activities are conditioned by the availability of various items. Office supplies, cleaning and security services, machine spare parts and IT management are just a few examples of what business need in support of their activity. Thus, companies that provide this kind of services will approach other potential business clients following the strategies specific to B2B Internet marketing.

B2B Internet marketing depends on more than just good communication. The consumers need more than just product or service details. This is specific to virtually almost all domains from engineering design to fabrication and manufacturing. The overall design, the quality of the service and the timely delivery of the products become the major factors on which to build solid B2B strategies. Sometimes businesses need special equipment or some customized elements, and only certain companies have the technologies available to produce the items according to the specifications.

Both B2C and B2B Internet marketing are used in certain cases. It suffices to think of how office supply outlets service individual and corporate buyers. The sale condition differ when bulk quantities of products are ordered. The payment also differs, given the fact that and individual consumer pays on the spot, while a company will use corporate bank transfer.

B2B Internet marketing is specific to machining, engineering and fabrication companies that cannot handle all the manufacturing processes on their own and have to take certain parts and equipments from other businesses. Many companies have had troubles with the economy in recession, factories and plants have closed and new approaches to B2B Internet marketing have become necessary. The remaining companies have pushed the limits of B2B Internet marketing and advertising to a new level, trying to meet all the challenges of the market and competition.

Normally, companies that use the B2B Internet marketing and advertising model have entire departments handling clients and improving business relationships by closely studying the market trends. These professionals are those that design and put into practice the marketing plans, and keep the list of customers and the portfolios growing. There is hardly any B2B Internet marketing without professional expertise and experience, and both big and small companies have learned to follow this organizational model.

I have had my own internet business for a long time and I maintain a website about: starting an internet business where you can learn how to start your own internet business.

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Find Inexpensive Website Hosting Within Your Grasp Here

There is a general misconception that the web hosting industry offers services that are largely homogeneous. Part of the confusion is because many people believe that every web host and every hosting product is pretty much the same. But, this is definitely a false belief. Many types of hosting services are available, and each set of features are meant to be beneficial for different types of client.

* Shared Hosting Plans

When you join a shared hosting plan you host your site on a server that is shared by other hosting customers. This could be as low as 10 other sites on the same server as yours. However, some hosts are known to lump hundreds or thousands of sites on one box. However, shared hosting is a very popular choice because it is the most economical.

Dedicated Servers

A dedicated hosting plan offers customers a lot more flexibility than a shared hosting plan. With dedicated hosting you are in the driver′s seat and can specify everything that is installed on the server, including the operating system, software and other scripts that you need to use. That’s because with a dedicated plan, you are the only site on the server. This also alleviates the issue of how to divide resources among multiple customers.

VPS Plans

If you are looking for a plan that combines the best of both worlds, giving you a flexible, dedicated solution on a budget, then a virtual private server or VPS is right for you. The box is partitioned in such a way that your website shares processing resources with the sites of other customers. The partitioning helps to ensure that all clients have access to equal yet separate resources of the server. This means that your site will not be affected by the resource needs of the other customers on the server.

Packages Available From Resellers

Reseller plans are meant for clients who want to distribute a particular company’s hosting services using their own company’s name. This person will pay for the server space from a provider. In turn, the reseller then divides this allocation into smaller units that can be sold to other customers. This type of package will not be appropriate for most businesses outside the reseller industry.

When looking for a web hosting company, the main considerations include cost, reliability, flexibility and support services. Going with the cheapest possible program is an often made misstep.

Our web hosting awards are designed to help you. web host rating Please remember that alot of hosts fail. Finding a good web host is important for anyone.

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How To Choose A Wireless Router

When selecting a wireless router, remember that we now have quite a few pointers you′ll want to consider before you make a hasty purchase decision. The thing is that just like any product nowadays there are pros and cons. But surely as the majority of the reviews that exist on the net indicate, there is a huge level of advantages which will seriously overshadow the bad points. In all honesty, the current 3g wireless router editions that you will get are next generation technology and it is will need to have gadget.

There are many brands that are out there, in order to in essence pick and choose what you prefer and what you consider are going to be advantageous for you.

Make sure that when you do delve into cyberspace and go a tad bit nutty within the various 3g wireless router editions and brands to take time and read the numerous reviews that are present. This is surely a very good way to go about searching for the ideal router since you do need to take into account the various requirements and needs you might be having.

Don’t fret too much when you are accosted the many brands (like iContact, Linksys, 3M). How you have to approach this is to merely scour and look into what is available with regard to a 3g wireless router which will answer all your requirements.

One should also mention that there are quite a few forums out there which discuss the various troubleshooting incidents current owners probably have. These really are excellent ways of sorting out initial problems. It will not only serve to acquire continuing your journey with regards to a smoother operation but you are guaranteed to understand your 3g wireless router in less time. Furthermore, make sure that you know what prices that is on offer, since if you were to consider the various deals that are present in cyberspace you would know you could in essence make a decent saving when it comes to your 3g wireless router.

Finally remember that while a wireless router can have several positive aspects like the fact that they are easily configurable and offers to be able to support various kinds of 3G networks and providers you will find some bad points too. One the it may not be user friendly while some are not solidly constructed. Moreover you might have to pay an additional amount when it comes to having a data access plan.

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