Are SEO Company Fees Reasonable?

Over the years I’ve been asked many times over, ”why is it that SEO Companies charge so much for their services?”. Truth be told I think if I had a hundred dollars every time I’ve been asked this question I’d probably be making more money (at least in net profit) than an SEO Company. If you shop around the internet, pricing out for SEO marketing services can be a bit confusing as prices tend to have a rather wide disparity. For instance, you might find one company charging $1,500 per month while another charges only $650 per month. Then there are those who claim to charge much less at under $400.

The process that an SEO Company must follow in order to achieve improved search engine rankings for your website includes certain activities that can be very labor intensive such as link building and on-page editing. Any SEO expert worth having on your team will be doing these tedious chores by hand and it’s this process that will be taking up many hundreds if not thousands of hours of his time, that is, if he’s doing his job correctly. If you’re not able to do this type of work yourself then you’re going to have to pay someone else to spend all that time doing it for you and it’s these large chunks of timed labor that are largely responsible for what might appear to be large fees for SEO marketing services.

The fact is that no matter how small or large an SEO company may be, someone has to be paid to sit down and actually do all the tedious tasks associated with good search engine optimization and this is the reason why you’ll see fees that can reach well beyond $1,000 per month. The only way to try negotiating your monthly fee to a lower level would be to request a lower priority placed upon your account where you’d allow your SEO project to receive a lower amount of time spent each week, but keep in mind this is likely to delay your results over the long run as well, so it all evens out either way you do it.

Since the amount of time and labor being spent on your project each week (or each month) is such a major factor in determining your short term costs it stands to reason that you should probably be wanting to discuss this factor with your chosen SEO company or specialist. When looking around for a new service take notice if they are willing and open to discuss the matter with you or not. Asking for monthly updates that clearly show their progress and time spent is also a smart idea. You can’t expect too much progress in too short a time period as these things take time but you should still be updated and have the information provided to you nonetheless.

Obviously an SEO expert who can achieve your goals has a perfect right to expect to be well compensated for his services and certainly deserves it as long as he can deliver on your expectations. Seeing prices of $800-$1200 per month should be seen as perfectly reasonable as long as the cost doesn’t outweigh the benefit, which of course depends upon just how much your sales might increase for being on the first page of Google for a particular key phrase. But it’s not an SEO’s job to predict your return on investment. His real job is to get you improved search engine rankings and more traffic to your site. These are all factors that need to be considered between you and your SEO service and the most important point to remember here is that you should be looking for someone who is willing to take the time to openly discuss them with you.

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