Different Types Touch Screen Computers

by Jack Walsh on March 7, 2010

There are essentially two types of mobile touch screen computers. The first type is the convertible laptop which is popular among the typical computer users and the second type is the slate PC. The slate PC is geared toward a specified function making it particularly useful for professions that require what the device offers over the other type of touch screen computer. The slate PC is a much simpler tablet style PC while the convertible laptop can take the form of a standard laptop or a tablet. The versatility of a convertible laptop makes it useful for typical computing purposes with the addition of having touch recognition.

The slate PC is a single piece where the screen makes up most of one of the large surfaces. This is in contrast to the convertible laptop with looks and functions much more like a standard laptop that opens and shuts. The slate PC is essentially a tablet with no keyboard or mouse pad but the option to use those peripherals is made possible through the USB connection. Otherwise the all user interface and command inputs are communicated to the computer entirely through the touch screen.

The light weight and improved portability of the slate PC over the convertible laptop is made possible by eliminating the keyboard and touch pad. They usually offer larger screen sizes as well so that it is more effective for creating hand written notes. The larger screen minimizes the distance between the margins of the screen which slows down note taking. For people who need to carry the tablet around and take notes while on their feet this is the perfect device for that job function.

The convertible touch screen laptops offer their own advantages and it is quite obvious what they are. These devices can transform from a standard laptop into a tablet. This is made possible by the design of the hinge which holds the screen and the rest of the computer together on a swivel allowing it to rotate 180 degrees and fold back over the keyboard screen side up. This makes it more effective when writing or drawing on the screen like a traditional notepad.

In the tablet mode, a student can create hand written notes and the versatility of the software will allow the user to draw diagrams into the document. This is much more useful than typing notes with a keyboard into a word processor where drawing objects is not as easy. It is also useful for presentations and making highlights and underlines in the middle of a live presentation will impress some bosses. It offers the functionality of a regular computer with the added capability of a touch sensitive display.

Each machine has its own individual advantages and disadvantages. The convertible laptop is heavier since it offers more in the way of a built in keyboard and touch pad. The slate PC, however, is too restrictive for most common computer users who still want to portability with a keyboard and mouse since this is still the primary way we know to interact with the computer. Either way touch screen laptops will soon take over the laptop market.

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