Diy Power From The Sun

Home owners are finding that it is possible to generate their own power in several ways. One of the most common is solar power. DIY power from the sun is an effective and reliable source of power.

You can only generate solar power where the sun is shining. Therefore, if you live in the extreme north or south near the arctic circles, there will be about six months per year that your solar energy source is worthless. However, there are another six months per year, that you will have energy twenty four hours per day. For the rest of the world, we can generate solar power when the sun is shining, as long as the days are not overcast.

In order to provide electricity for the night hours some families remain connected to the grid for their backup plan. By remaining connected, excess power that is generated can be sold back to the electric company to offset the power that is consumed in your home. This method provides the most constant source of power. You can run even large appliances that depend on resistance heating if you remain on the grid. However, you must be located close enough to the power line to make the connection.

One way to take care of the problem of solar power after dark is to store excess energy that is produced in batteries. At one time this involved several large glass tanks that were used as storage batteries. Today, marine type batteries can also be used for energy storage.

Since the energy that is produced by solar energy is DC electrical energy, it must be converted to AC energy before it can be used in a home. Conversion of the power is accomplished using a power inverter. Once the power has been converted, it is useful to operate many of your normal household tools.

DIY power is a viable option for many families.

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