Glass Lazy Susan – Turn Your Kitchen Area Into A Restaurant

What much better way to add a 5-star restaurant feel to your kitchen than via the addition of a few elegant, useful, decorative items here and there. One of the additions that tremendously enhance the ambiance of your kitchen area is often a glass Lazy Susan. Far from being an item for the’ Lazy’, is this cute piece of furnishing which has the prospect of creating your kitchen entertainment-worthy.

A revolving tray placed on your kitchen table, makes it easier for you to display your finest aperitif whenever you are entertaining. It also has the premise of making even the simplest of all appetizers look sophisticated and even fit for a king.

A glass Lazy Susan also offers the advantage of not clogging up your kitchen mainly because its transparency makes it seem like it takes up no space whatsoever. These are one belonging to the most durable kitchen decors from the use of tempered glass. They come in a variety of shapes to suit each taste: clear glass, frosted or decorated glass. When you purchase a glass turntable, it fits appropriate into the decor of any room inside the house, allowing you to use it with a kitchen, a dining room, or over a patio.

A typical misconception is that Lazy Susans are all about vanity. This is simply not true, they’re incredibly versatile, with options ranging from keeping your condiments on the nice revolving display to preparing an elaborate Sunday breakfast or brunch table complete with stacks of pancakes, maple syrup, chocolate sauce, and strawberry syrup at the fingertips of the whole family to appreciate. Even a meal as easy as burgers and fries is usually up-scaled if the Ketchup, mustard, and relish are placed on the revolving tray.

Having a large revolving tray is of particular use if you hold a ‘buffet′ type dinner party, it is possible to place every dish and have your guests seated whilst the tray caters to their demands, who wants waiters! They’re equally useful in tea parties, and other events were you might have numerous hors d’ oeuvres, canapes, cocktails and other delicacies.

If you ever let your kids and their friends use your kitchen table as an art station, sorting out crayons and play-doh on the revolving tray gives all of the kids equal and fair access, which translates to less fights and a lot more fun.

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