Good Reasons Why Every Company Should Consider Scrubber Dryer Hire For Large Floor Spaces

When businesses require heavy duty cleaning, they often consider scrubber dryer hire. These machines are able to clean a factory floor, driveway or patio in no time. Several types of machines are available. There are different models, including the types that are pushed and the ones on which the operator rides. The ride-on types are most suitable for large floor spaces.

Upright machines have an extending brush attachment that moves. You can soak the attachment in a detergent solution or vinyl-stripping solution for different uses. Although these solutions simplify the cleaning of stony surfaces, they do not replace detergents. This is most suitable for concrete floors, preferably a wet floor. Once you have completed this process, you can wash the solution off using a hosepipe or squeegee.

Scrubber dryer machines come with an attachment like a vacuum for the purposes of drying the surface. High foaming substances are not suitable therefore, and you may have to de-foam the detergent beforehand. As the surfaces to be cleaned with this apparatus can be very dirty, one needs to keep the machine and brushes underneath clean. Failing to do this will only result in this dirt going back to where it came from. Unlike squeegees, these are quite slow. However, the latter may not be an option for larger and dirtier surfaces.

Purchasing a machine can be a costly exercise; hence, the prospect of hire is attractive. It is a more cost-effective option. However, you should ensure that the rental contract covers all the important points.

Maintaining a scrubber dryer is very important as replacing them is costly. The brushes underneath should be washed regularly with a hosepipe. This should be done in any event after each time it has been used. Running water over them should clean the other working parts. This is another advantage of hire.

After use, the collection tanks have to be rinsed out. Since some machines operate with batteries, it should be ensured that the batteries are fully charged. The terminals can get dirty too and it is important you clean them regularly too.

One should ensure that brushes are not too worn down. While they are made of nylon that is rigid, they will wear out in time. While a scrubber dryer hire is not for general use, they are massively useful for warehouse use and a benefit to any business.

Now that you know the benefits, if your company requires scrubber dryer rental make sure to visit Clean Sweep UK to find out the best option for you.

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