Hard Cash Hijack – How To Get Massive Targeted Traffic With Article Marketing

The internet is about information. People browse one website to another because they are looking for content to read. Which is why, article marketing should be your number one traffic strategy. In fact, if you utilize the power of article marketing properly, you will get massive targeted traffic for free.

New to article marketing? The following are some useful tips to help you get started:

1. Focus on relevancy. Before anything, you must know and understand your target audience. Only then, you can sell the product to the right people, regardless whether you are selling your own product, or want to gain affiliate commission.

Which is why, start with research and target for long-tail keyword phrase. One free method would be to use Google Keyword Tool. Once you get the right keyword, use it as your article title and post your articles. Don’t forget to include link to your website in the signature.

You can make lots of money with article marketing if you focus on relevancy. In the website, you should tell the visitors how the product or service will help them.

2. Make your articles short but informative. Remember that people will be impressed with quality content. Keep your articles short, since most people are busy and don’t have time to read long articles.

3. Get more traffic via viral marketing. You need to give permission to others, whether bloggers, webmasters or anyone to publish your articles in their website. However, they must link back to your site.

4. Be creative and write in several ways. You can write several articles in the same niche, but with new perspective. For example, if you want to write articles about technology, you can write about computer tips, security, how to build a computer and new gadgets.

5. It would be best to provide lots of articles about new tips and how to guide. People love such content since it will solve their problems for free. Once they were impressed with your article, they would probably publish it and tell others about it.

6. Find popular blogs in your niche and become a guest blogger. Post your best content inside the blog and don’t forget to include link to your website in the bio box.

By doing so, you will get massive exposure and traffic. The more readers of that blog, the better it will be.

7. Don’t waste the traffic that is driven from your articles. Collect visitors’ emails and send them follow up messages. Provide quality content in your website as well to attract readers so they will keep coming back.

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