How Do You Live The Dream In Network Marketing

There are so many network marketing ‘yahoos’ out there sending me messages to ‘check out my link.’ How is it possible that people really think this strategy will work? Let me be the first to tell you, it will NOT work!

Most of the time, I reply back to these people asking them how that marketing strategy is working for them. Most of the time I get no answer, however, 90% of the time I do get a follow up unsolicited email with the same message, ‘Hey! Check out my link and let me know what you think!’ In this case, I hit ‘SPAM’ and move on. This strategy doesn’t work, nor is it professional. It’s just sad!

There are very important systems and tools out there to show network marketers how to market their businesses and build them PROFESSIONALLY. That said, most network marketers will read this, click out and start to spam the hell out of people with their company link. A select few will understand that there is ‘something′ to this and dig deeper. THOSE are the ones that have will have a glimmer of hope at finding success in this profession.

As I first started to build a network marketing business, I went about it the traditional way. I first went to my warm market and didn’t have much success. There were two key components that changed everything!

1 – I was introduced to a system that taught me everything I needed to know to market and brand myself online. I started to attract qualified prospects who were looking for ME as opposed to me looking for THEM!

2. Live training events – I wasn’t finding success, however, I continued to invest in myself and my business by attending company-sponsored and generic training events. I continued to learn about my profession and learned the most up-to-date skills and techniques that were working. Being mentored by people who were majorly successful made all the difference! Do you think Donald Trump made his fortune by ‘winging it?’ Heck no! He earned a fortune by building a business in an area where he became an expert by learning and doing!

I hear excuses all the time….i.e. ‘I don’t have the money.’ That’s a cop out and when one wants something badly enough, they find a way, they get creative. They DRIVE cross country because they can’t afford to fly. They sleep in a car because they can’t afford a hotel. They GET there; they get to events to LEARN and become better at their craft. They have a ‘no matter what’ attitude. They get there come hell or high water because they realize that they have to increase their knowledge to increase their paycheck. Hence the saying, ‘The more I learn, the more I earn.’

There is a live event taking place in October that is a MUST for anyone in network marketing. It will be hosted by My Lead System Pro and whether you are a member of MLSP or not, you need to be there….especially those sending me their darn link to check out. (sigh…..I BEG you all to be there…please, I’m down on my knees!!). For the true professionals out there who want success BADLY, this event should not be missed! Again, it doesn’t matter what business you’re in, just get there!

Attending live events has saved my career! Keep in mind that the most powerful business relationships have started from meeting at live events. Some of the biggest ‘a-ha′ moments have happened at live events that have changed the direction of many businesses. Getting there or not will be the great divide between the good and the great! My team will be there. My hope is that I can encourage others to be there and learn the missing link they need to be an industry top earner. Will it be you?

Vidette Vanderweide is a network marketing veteran and is highly encouraging network marketers to attend the ‘Live the Dream‘ event! Vidette is the producer of the brief video, ‘Live the Dream‘ to inspire network marketers to truly achieve success and Live the Dream! Also published at How Do You Live The Dream In Network Marketing.

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