How To Effectively Organize Your Design Portfolio

A portfolio is a compilation of examples of a designer’s work. Here’s a quick guide on which samples to choose and what formats to use.

Generally, we would want to show our best works that would showcase our skills and expertise. If there is a one work that you aren’t comfortable with, even if your client loved it, it’s probably advisable to leave it out of your design portfolio. Whenever possible, use the actual samples. That is, if you created a four-color themed brochure, show them a sample of the brochure that was printed from the press rather than a laser-printed sample of the work. Be authentic.

Offset printing and desktop printing are completely different in terms of color quality. Offset printing prints colors separately while desktop printing blends the RGB colors outright. If you plan to show a sample of your work involving a magazine, get the actual copy of the publication, or better yet, get as many copies of the original one.

Remove the page neatly and place in a plastic cover. If it’s not possible to acquire the originals then do the next best thing – make colored photocopies of the originally published pieces. Or you can print them from a laser printer. If your design involves large-scale printing like billboards, don’t bring the actual thing.

Get some high resolution photographs taken from a good DSLR camera. This goes the same for works done on some bulky or oddly shaped packaging. No flash photography from an Instamatic camera, please. It’s also a good idea to put in smaller printouts of the digital files that you labored on. If your work was about web design or other kinds of design that were not made on print, you can still assemble a printed portfolio by making screen shots of the pages or print the web page directly by right clicking on your mouse. Although the colors on a printed page may not be accurate from a screen resolution, just add a CD of the web page. It is also a good idea to include print outs of the logos and other special vector graphics that you use on the page if only to say, “this is my work because I have the original files.” Ensure they are in high resolution.

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