How to Make Huge Dollars in NuSkin Fast

I guess the big question many people have when taking a look at NuSkin, is if the compensation plan is really that profitable and can you actually make money with a company like NuSkin?

I mean let’s face it, NuSkin is not exactly a new deal, they have been around for over 25 years, and there are so many variations of MLM compensation plans that have been developed over the last few years, can an old standard Unilevel compensation plan still get the job done?

I discussed this recently in my comprehensive NuSkin Review .

There are in today’s market so many different variations of network marketing compensation plans you could fill a pretty big book just analyzing them.

If you just think about it in general terms it is obvious that all network marketing plans pay good money. It does not matter if it is a matrix, Binary or Unilevel pay plan when you consider the money paid out.

I have acquaintances in NuSkin that have earned over $40 million and there are even more distributors that have produced over $20 million from their respective NuSkin groups. These numbers clearly indicate that the NuSkin Unilevel compensation plan has been very lucrative for many people. It has truly stood as a show case for success where many others in the industry haven′t.

Their compensation plan has proved its ability to generate big dollars but it is not necessarily the easiest to build.

Building and maintaining twelve leaders on your front line so that you can tap the maximum depth in your organization can be a challenge.

The most important thing to focus upon when joining an MLM company is how you are going to maximize their compensation plan.

Every type of compensation plan in MLM requires a slightly different building strategy to maximize it, so let’s discuss what you need to do with NuSkin to get to the big bucks.

I want to explain a little about my history so you do not think that I am talking out of turn. My first network marketing business was with NuSkin and I was a 7 figure income earner with them during my first 3 years. Currently I do not have any relationship with them so this is not a commercial for NuSkin.

Now this version of the Unilevel compensation plan has no set maximum number of distributors you may place in your group, but you may only tap to a particular level in your organization. To tap to that maximum depth, you must build your front line (personally sponsored representatives) to the required width.

You have to understand that once you sponsor somebody and they build to a volume that qualifies them for Executive distributor for more than three or four months, they then breakaway.

Now you will need to think quickly and act rapidly or you will end up leaving cash on the table.

You have to build width on your front line quickly so you can tap the depth of your group but at the same time you have to support and stimulate a certain amount of depth or there will be nothing there to tap.

The best building method for this type of pay plan is to get wide as quickly as possible but use your experience to support your organization down two or three levels.

Now of course there is a reason they call it a Breakaway system, and that is because when a distributor becomes an Executive they will break away from their position in your dowline and roll up beneath the next qualified Executive in the structure.

You should note that if you sponsor a heavy recruiter but you are not currently at the Executive level you could lose them if they meet the requirements of Executive before you.

That means bye-bye Executive bonus on that rep.

If you are experienced in this industry then this compression in reality works to your advantage, because all the income in your group will roll up and compress under you.

I bet you have wondered where all the huge checks came from.

Once again build wide fast is the best approach here and as you will discover not everyone you bring in will be a mover so I recommend you set your goal on sponsoring 6 to 10 reps a month and then sift that group down to find your 20% Percenters and your 1% Percenters.

Using this high capacity lead generation method will provide you with enough leads to produce the results you require to manage your marketing plan. The best method to do this today would be using internet marketing and advertising plans.

Marc Barrett is a MLM Pro with over 23 years expertise in the MLM industry. Because of his background in Marketing & Business Development he has served on advisory boards of several MLM companies, and authored various MLM instruction programs. For business plan instruction visit For a limited time get his free NuSkin Success Secrets video instruction to achieve MLM Success.

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