How To Play A Hunter Pvp

Hunters are a soloing class that can dish out some really fast leveling speeds. This, along with other capabilities such as the ability to have pet minions that would do damage dealing and tanking for them, make the class very capable of dishing out some extremely potent PvPers. In this Hunter PVP guide, you will learn the ropes of shifting from PvE to PvP.

Making That Change From PvE To PvP After killing enough mobs, humanoids and monsters in Warcraft, you can test your acquired skills and talents by going head to head against actual players in the PvP Arena.

Below are a few tips:

Work With Groups Or Work Solo You can do well as a solo player or as a team member. You’ll prove your worth as a PvPer though if you’re going solo. This is not to say, however, that you’re not a good team player. You definitely can. You can, in fact, excel in raiding with large groups, but because you can hold your own in the battle ground, you’re best as a one-man team.

To Melee Or Not To Melee Now, if you want to fight head to head with other player’s, it is best that you stay within your range. You are not a primary melee class that can wade into the thick of the battle and whack your enemies to their deaths using your rifle. No, you’re not designed for that. Just leave melee fights with other classes and instead, just stay within the range where you are most effective. But you should never run away from a melee fight if there’s no real need for it. You see, when your back is pitted against the wall, you’ll do fine attacking your opponent at melee range and letting your pet do the tanking for you.

Always Maintain Your Pet′s Loyalty And Happiness Whether in PvE or PvP arena, you should prioritize your pet′s loyalty and happiness. These are where its abilities to keep those powerful offensive attacks flowing like crazy. It is not really clear how these affect your minion, except that very low levels of happiness and loyalty may force your pet to leave you or perform below its maximum capacity.

Also, never forget to attend to your pet′s diet. Feeding your minion is integral to its performance.

Get up talents suitable for PvP Now here comes the tricky part: If your character is not specced for PvP, you might want to tweak its talents to become more suitable for the PvP Arena. You won’t be having problems if you’re already rolling a Beast Mastery Hunter. Otherwise, you might consider unlearning a few of your current talents and invest some on this tree. Doing this will help you create a minion that′s geared for PvPing.

Your Hunter PVP would also do well to invest a few points on the Marksmanship tree, with focus on the Improved Hunters’ Mark so you can get the highest possible output for your rifle or bow.

A good Hunter for PvE can always turn into an impressive Hunter PVP. Know the tricks by checking out my website. 

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