I found This Very Talented Young Artist

Born in 1981 and brought up in Taipei, Taiwan, Yu Cheng Hong is simply a multi-talented Fashion and Conceptual Illustrator and also a Graphic Designer.

From being a several feet tall, Yu Cheng contained had a major interest for sketching. Whilst in University, this individual studied animation together with graphic design. He has worked as an animator and concept artist in the animation and gaming field, in past years and is also a self-employed illustrator.

His education and learning has been acquired with numerous institutes, that are 2004 – Shih Chien University of Communication Design (Taipei, Taiwan), 2005 – Gorden institute of TAFE (Melbourne, Australia) and 2006 – Auckland University of Technology (Auckland, New Zealand).

Yu Cheng’s fine art work has also become presented in a variety of journals and media, which includes Animation Reporter Magazine, Digital Artist magazine, EXOTIQUE 2, 4 & 5, Animation Today Magazine, Artzmania Magazine, Zeixs Asia Book, 2D Artist Magazine, Animation Focuz, Graphika manila09 book and EXO2 Magazine.

He has accomplished prizes for work as ASIAGRAPH – 2009 (Tokyo, Japan). This will inspire him to deliver additional good work in the near future and it indicates other creative designers that they can easily also obtain these types of outcomes.

He likes to find new important things and is also astounded by all kinds of things around him, which in turn is actually an inspiration from his culture. Yu Cheng’s art style is a formula of modern and Chinese traditional art, due to the fact that “Old is New!!, and he infuses these kinds of views into his paintings. Yu Cheng also produces and practices his own personal art together with what extra time he has.

His client list is professional and includes the likes of Big Studios, Franz Collection Company, My Fresh net Company, Blm Art Association Company, Geelong Fashion Passion show 2005, HYPAA Game Company, Crown culture Company, Unision Art Association Company and Gemmy Planet Game Company.

To get a lot more info in relation to Yu Cheng Hong and artwork, please go to his online portfolio, via the website.

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