Issue Tracking Software And Its Implementation

For a project to be successful it is vital that something is in place to track and manages issues, as if issues are identified immediately they can then be resolved more quickly, resulting in the project getting back on track more efficiently.

A great way of making sure this is happens is by utilising an enterprise-wide issue management platform, where flagging and monitoring of any issues such as requests for advanced features, defects, quality, tasks and support tickets is automated and available from a range of divisions, geographical locations and even businesses.

One thing that it is important to be aware of is that the responsibility of employing an issue management platform does not just lie with the Software Development team, and by involving all parties the implementation tends to be smoother and more effective. When an implementation is in its infancy many organisations choose to have some guidance on the more complex areas, such as workflows, user access and metadata, and by spending some extra time and using a some more resource during these initial stages, you can save time and stress once the platform is in everyday use.

Issues tend to arise when several applications and/or project repositories are implemented, as this results in what we refer to as “multiple versions of the truth″. By running your work projects using a single enterprise wide issue management platform, this is avoided as anyone using the platform will see the same “single version of the truth″. When this approach is adopted there is little room for confusion as all users see and understand the same thing.

Issue tracking is just one part of project management, and forms part of a whole mix of methodologies, so an ideal situation when managing a project is to use an enterprise wide project management platform which incorporates issue tracking and management.

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