Lunascape : New Technology of Web Browser With Triple Engine

Lunascape is a modern web browser that combines 3 engine of popular browsers, including the Gecko (engine in Firefox), Trident (engine in Internet Explorer), WebKit (Safari and Chrome). So, you’ll see a web browser that includes 3 popular browsers at the same time, seemed like Firefox, seemed like Internet Explorer, seemed like Chrome and Safari.

This web browser are designed to facilitate users in browsing the Internet quickly and easily, it can be seen from some of the add-ons or tools that are important in browsing available in Lunascape if you install this web browser on your computer. Lunascape also has the ability to compare the map, and some rules on web pages with different rendering technologies. This application also supports RSS-streams and podcasts, there is a special movement of the mouse for navigation facilities, libraries for plugins, libraries for visual themes, and several other tools for web surfing facilities. Lunascape also able to open the web up to 100 tabs. Until now, Lunascape has released its version to 6.0, many changes and Fix bugs. Lunascape has been loved by millions of users in Japan, and today will add to the users in the UK. Lunascape is also available for portable version.

Some interesting features :

1) Now Lunascape provides tools and add-ons that are useful when users surf the Internet. the tool can be found in the sidebar or toolbar.

2) Page Capture, you shouldn’t use other software or online web service to capture whole a web page, enough with this feature you can capture whole a web page. You can find it on the Window Menu, select Capture Page.

3) AutoReload, you are not longer require to install the add-ons anyway or modify the script to be refresh a web page automatically, you can do it with take advantage of this feature. You can find it on the View menu, choose Reload then select Auto Reload.

4) Switch Engine, with this feature you can very easily select the engine that you want from the 3 engine options, namely, Trident (like IE), Gecko (like FireFox), WebKit (like Safari and Chrome). you can apply it by clicking on the Tools menu, select Switch Engine.

5) Block Page, Now with this feature you can block URLs that you consider dangerous. You can find it on the Windows menu, select Block Page.

6) Split Windows Feature, with take advantage of this feature you can manage tabs with various split. That display can be easier for web developer for checks their works. Just simple clicks, you can apply it on the Windows menu, select Split Window.

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