Release Date And Specs Of The LG Octane

This past October 28, 2010, Verizon went ahead and released the new LG Octane VN530. The Octane offers numerous features that wireless subscribers will enjoy. This design will maintain a full QWERTY keyboard for ease of use. This feature will be revealed through a clamshell design. The 2.6 inch screen is not as large as the iPhone, but is big enough to allow comfortable enough web browsing and application use. The internal display measures 240×320 pixels, and the outer LCD display measures 176×220 pixels. Customizable font types, menu options and lists are featured on this LCD screen. Icons on the screen allow for easy access to Twitter, MySpace and Facebook. Entertainment feeds, news and sport updates are provided through widgets on the phone.

The Octane also has a built-in MP3 player, as well as a music library for everyone to enjoy. You can shuffle through all you songs, and you can also play all of them on repeat. V Cast Music with Rhapsody, Visual Voice Mail, Skype for Mobile user, Mobile Email and other capabilities are available to consumers. The LG phone has photos, video sharing, music, as well as, file transfer capabilities, basic imaging capabilities, basic printing capabilities and dial up networking. Voice command capabilities are available to allow users to make calls simply by speaking the commands. Hands free calling is also accessible by using a Bluetooth head set, which will also provide stereo sound. Caller photo identification is also available for up to 10 contacts.

The Octane comes equipped with a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus. Five different camera resolutions are available with two different video resolutions. The camera’s zoom capabilities will increase visibility up to 2.98 times. A feature called “smile shot” will capture a photo when a smile is detected on a person. This feature is great for capturing images of infants or children. Editing features for photographs enable the shot to be customized for applications. Memory of up to 16GB is available to store photos and other files.

LG will be releasing Octane specific accessories as time progresses. Currently, compatible accessories are available for consumers. An extended life battery or a higher capacity battery may be available for purchase, along with a protective case. The case will protect the phone from damages that may occur through the life of the phone. Other accessories may also be purchased to complement the phone. Each accessory is designed to improve functionality, protect your investment or add unique style.

Purchasers of the Octane will enjoy approximately 6.33 hours of talk time and 340 hours of standby time. The phone will fit comfortably in a purse, pocket or briefcase. The dimensions of the phone are 4.21 x 2.16 x 0.63. Consumers will be able to purchase a LG Octane at the retail price of $249. With a two year contract, the phone may be purchased for $99. Rebates will be offered as an incentive to consumers. This will lower the cost of the phone significantly. The phone will be offered on the Verizon network exclusively for the introduction.

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