Some Anti Spam Tactics To Explore

Most people online, receive junk email or spam. It may be about an amazing income opportunity. It might be a way to boost your sexual prowess. It will usually not be addressed directly to you. However, it shows up in your in-box. How do they know where to send it? Why are they sending it. There are some anti spam measures that you can take. Here are a few to consider.

It is a good idea not to post your main email address anywhere on line. If you do, the entire world has access to it. Be careful when you post messages at online forums. This is also true at website guest books. Be sure that your email does not show on anything.

Never reply to junk mail. Most unscrupulous mailers do not know if your address is valid. If you reply, you remove all doubt. You will most likely get more junk mail. You may be placed on a list of valid email addresses. Always use your junk mail filter in your email box. You can get most of it transferred to a separate folder.

Do not use your main email address to subscribe to mailing lists. All of them promise not to sell your information. However, many of them do. Promises are very easy to make. They are not as easy to keep.

Be careful when you enter online sweepstakes. Many of the sweeps are promotions to get your email address. Some places will sell your information to others. You may receive a lot of junk mail, this way. When entering online sweepstakes, use a different email account. This will protect your main account.

It is a good idea to use a secondary email account for much of your online activity. Do you wish to subscribe to online mailing lists, and newsletters? Open up a free email account for things like that. Do an online search for free email. You will turn up many options. If this account gets a huge amount of junk mail, you can delete it.

Final thoughts

How much junk mail do you receive, each day? In some cases, it can be a lot. It can also be annoying. Use your junk mail filters. Be very careful where you place you email address. Open up a different email account for your online activities. This will keep your main account free from much of the junk. Practice prevention as your anti spam procedure. You may filter out most of the junk from your life.

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