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Being An Independent Game Developer

Life as an independent game developer has always been a lot of fun. It requires a lot of dedication, but it is hugely rewarding to watch other people happily play your game once it is finished.

Being your own boss also has its advantages. I love having the freedom to work whenever I want, as long as I want and wherever I want. I′m not sure if I could take my laptop and work outside in the garden on a beautiful summer day in a “regular” company.

Business-wise things have changed a quite bit during the last 4 years. Casual games have become a huge trend and lots of larger companies have entered the market. There is a lot more competition and both budgets and production values have increased dramatically, making it much harder for small developers to keep up.

For example, a VC funded games company outsourcing development to Eastern Europe can afford to produce 10 titles even if most of them don’t recoup the production budgets. As long as just one title reaches AAA status, this can still be a profitable business strategy. Most indie game developers cannot afford to do this.

There are still great opportunities on the casual games market for indie developers if you have a good innovative idea. It is not easy to succeed though and opportunities are not quite as good as they used to be a few years ago.

The rise of huge game portals during the last few years also caused a drop in (games-related) traffic to the traditional shareware sites. Indie game developers have therefore become dependent on the portals.

Teaming up with a publisher / distributor can be a good way for indie developers to get more publicity on the portals. This is the life as independent game developer.

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I found This Very Talented Young Artist

Born in 1981 and brought up in Taipei, Taiwan, Yu Cheng Hong is simply a multi-talented Fashion and Conceptual Illustrator and also a Graphic Designer.

From being a several feet tall, Yu Cheng contained had a major interest for sketching. Whilst in University, this individual studied animation together with graphic design. He has worked as an animator and concept artist in the animation and gaming field, in past years and is also a self-employed illustrator.

His education and learning has been acquired with numerous institutes, that are 2004 – Shih Chien University of Communication Design (Taipei, Taiwan), 2005 – Gorden institute of TAFE (Melbourne, Australia) and 2006 – Auckland University of Technology (Auckland, New Zealand).

Yu Cheng’s fine art work has also become presented in a variety of journals and media, which includes Animation Reporter Magazine, Digital Artist magazine, EXOTIQUE 2, 4 & 5, Animation Today Magazine, Artzmania Magazine, Zeixs Asia Book, 2D Artist Magazine, Animation Focuz, Graphika manila09 book and EXO2 Magazine.

He has accomplished prizes for work as ASIAGRAPH – 2009 (Tokyo, Japan). This will inspire him to deliver additional good work in the near future and it indicates other creative designers that they can easily also obtain these types of outcomes.

He likes to find new important things and is also astounded by all kinds of things around him, which in turn is actually an inspiration from his culture. Yu Cheng’s art style is a formula of modern and Chinese traditional art, due to the fact that “Old is New!!, and he infuses these kinds of views into his paintings. Yu Cheng also produces and practices his own personal art together with what extra time he has.

His client list is professional and includes the likes of Big Studios, Franz Collection Company, My Fresh net Company, Blm Art Association Company, Geelong Fashion Passion show 2005, HYPAA Game Company, Crown culture Company, Unision Art Association Company and Gemmy Planet Game Company.

To get a lot more info in relation to Yu Cheng Hong and artwork, please go to his online portfolio, via the website.

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Very Nice Graphic Design Work From This UK Freelancer

Hailing out of Leeds, in the Uk, Ben Fellows provides a very original natural talent and specialises in significant Art Direction, Graphic Design and New Media expertise.

He has been professionally designing for around Six years now, of which includes doing work for companies and buyers within both the United states and the United kingdom.

Ben also has worked mainly with print work, where this individual provides designed web promotions and innovative media images.

His working experience includes operating with web design feature aids and designing direct promotion e-mails. This individual is, never reluctant to try out different tactics in his designs in order to push the boundaries regarding his creativeness.

Ben explains that in all of his creative roles, he has exhibited a powerful talent for advertising copy and writing sales. He adds that he has always been accountable for every one of his own straplines and aiding advertising copy.

Ben has used the skills and talent he has accumulated from being employed on commissions from across the earth and incorporated this kind of experience directly into his ever expanding portfolio. This individual features a well-rounded tactic to his designs and they highlight his fusion of media expertise.

Ben has an exceptional collection of designs in his online portfolio. A design in particular is a promotional design for a dance company. It consists of a satisfying blend of shades and also gives a unique mixed media illusion – is it or isn’t it type feel. This individual knows how to connect shapes, colours and pictures together, which is actually outlined on this piece.

Ben has evolved in numerous ways during the years, obtaining knowledge adored by lots of others in this discipline and providing his consumers and end users with assured 100 % satisfaction in his artwork. These are such people and firms as Leeds Armouries Museum, Overnightprints.com, FACCTS (family court case tracking system), ArtShopGraphics.com, Callaway Golf, Opensoft and OC Coating.

If you discovered this fascinating and really want to find out more, see Ben’s online portfolio, where you can see his work and obtain his contact details.

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