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HD Television:Must See TV

High definition TV gives us an incredible screening experience in contrast to analog TV. Improving the visual feature is not solely the objective of having a real home cinema set-up. Having a good quality audio must go with it, too. Your reliable TV speakers are not at par with the surround audio system.

Surround audio unit has two major selections, the 5.1 and 7.1 versions and are generally accessible. With these numbers, you will know the number of channels offered. Supporting 6 speakers is the 5.1 wherein the ‘.1′ is the subwoofer, whose task is to replicate short frequencies like rumbles and blasts. Divided into left and right are the 5 other speakers, also known as satellites) sited before the listener. Slightly sited on the back on both sides are the left and right surround speakers and the center front. Functioning the same way as the 5.1 system, 7.1 has two additional speakers sited at the rear of the listener. The not so well-liked 6.1 version will require you to have an additional rear surround.

If you want more depth and intensity, the 7.1 version will suit you best as audio quality is presented realistically. The 7.1 version is better used for big rooms. Nevertheless, a perfect satisfactory choice for most of the applications is the 5.1 version.

In buying surround audio system, buy an A/V receiver and speakers individually. You can also try the other packages that contain the things you will require. Buying the complete package makes the setting up easier while buying them individually permits you to make a better choice that is fitted for your own requirements. Supplying the amplification as well as the inputs and outputs is the work of the receiver. Don’t be misled by high wattages. We often interpret it as having high volumes; however, this is not actually the case. If the existence of too many cables worries you, then choose a wireless system. Naturally they still have cables; but there is no worry of connecting the cable to the surround speakers.

Once you have purchased your system, take time to plan the location of the TV and other components. Proper speaker positioning can have a dramatic effect on the overall audio experience.

Problems of space and price? You will be happy to know that you can aim for surround audio via the ‘virtual’ surround sound. The new TV models have this facility where surround experience is imitated although there are only two speakers with a system like the SRS Trusound.

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