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Regulate Your Child’s Cell Phone Usage For Their Safety

There is now a growing trend for children under the age of 18 to have their own mobile phone. In the United States nearly one in every two teenagers own a mobile phone.

That is an astonishing amount of children with mobile phones, and to make things worse the number is actually growing daily. This means that they will probably spend more time during the day on their mobile phones than they do talking to us!

We never really know who it is that they are sending texts, or photo messaging, or even talking to on their mobile phones.

There are a lot of youngsters today that are all too aware of the dangers of contacting the wrong sort of people on mobile phones, but there are still the ones who just think it is cool to be receiving texts or calls from people they do not know.

This is why we should always make it clear to our kids the right way and the wrong way that a mobile phone can be used.

If your child’s mobile phone is connected to your household phone bill, you must make them aware of exactly how much their constant use of their mobile phones is costing; many times parents have had a shock to their systems when they receive their phone bill.

Keeping an eye on who your child is talking to on their mobile phones, or who they are messaging is a good idea, and so is setting a few guidelines about when they can use their mobile phones for better results. For instance it may be cheaper to use a mobile at certain times of the day or at weekends.

If your child is a teenager, make doubly sure that they know not to use the mobile phone when they are driving. Whether they are using it to text or answering the phone makes no difference, the statistics show that over 6000 kids die every year in car accidents and nearly 50% of those accidents are mobile phone related.

Keeping your kids informed of any dangers with regards to mobile phones is important to their safety.

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