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The General Idea Of Extra Sensory

There are several people in the world which claim to know what extra sensory talents are. For the most part each individual that was created in the image of god was born with the ability of extra sensory, but many have no idea what it is or how to perfect the talent in order to gain control of this special talent.

Extra sensory acquired the name extra attached to sensory, because for most everyone has five physical senses. The extra comes into the light when a person can prove that there are more senses than that deal with the brain, and not just physical senses. This is one of the biggest misconceptions of all time. These psychic senses known as extra sensory are not extra, but in reality are there but not used by the majority of those souls throughout the world.

There are six senses associated with extra sensory. Everyone of these six senses are associated with locations on the body versus the physical senses which are associated with actual parts of the body. A common term for extra sensory is when someone is referred to as having a sixth sense. This is not a true assumption by far, when in reality there are six psychic senses by them selves which make up the extra sensory team.

Some old timers have associated the sixth sense as being one extra sensory product, when a child has fallen prey to an accident which takes one of their five physical senses. This is an old explanation of what really happens. The assumption is completely wrong when insinuating a child loses a physical sense and gains a psychic sense.

In reality, when a child has had a tragic accident which results per say in the loss of one eye, especially the right eye, this triggers the mind to open, revealing the psychic sense which has always lain dormant for whatever reasons.

In reality, if hearing protection is not worn, even when the decibels of the which creates an almost undetectable sounds which are very low, the hearing will become impaired. Thus, the individual did not get used to the sound, the hearing sense has lost the ability to hear the low decibel hum.

The extra sensory senses cannot be lost completely unless a person is under the influence of very powerful drugs on a constant level, which impairs the brain capabilities. Extra sensory senses do outlive the human body, and this explains what is called a psychic medium.

As any new discovery, the longer a person has known, the more discoveries that are made. Therefore, on and individual extra sensory level, this person understands what is happening a little more than those that have been forced to hide their abilities, because of the fear of rejection from society. The expert extra sensory individual has the ability to prove the rejection of society due to the presence of a god given power is nothing to be feared.

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