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Steps to Fix A Google Adword Slap

Searching Google for traffic to your website is rewarding and allows you to gauge the traffic to your website. But what happens if you find you’ve been slapped? Modifying the ad and changing the landing page still won’t allow your campaign to run. The main keywords have been dinged and this could damage your brand. Traffic is still moving by using generic keywords, but you want it to move faster. What should you do? Start over?

You’re liable to spend countless hours and endless dollars trying to revive a dead project. Its frustrating after adding additonal content and articles, but you will have to admit the domain is gone. Its a hard truth to face after spending so much time on it.

Take a look at the heaviest volume to your key words. Set up your landing page at a new domain, and be choosy when selecting keywords specific and rich in connection to your domain. Adjust your website accordingly.

You may also consider adding content to your landing page on your new domain. Add a lot more content below your main above the fold landing page area. This actually improves conversions and adheres to quality guidelines. Write a half – dozen paragraphs and place that content below the fold.

WordPress is a partner to Google, so install a blog to your domain as well. Its simple to do and takes about 30 minutes to install. It will improve the quality of your site and with fresh content added periodically keeps it current, fresh and trendy.

Upload your new campaign with Adwords Editor. Your quality score will improve by 2-3 points as opposed to using a manual upload or keyword too. You won’t know what the future will bring, but you’ll start off a head of the curve.

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