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Is Home-Made Insecticide Injurious To Humans?

We sort of make a divide between ‘chemicals′ and ‘natural products′. This is actually quite strange, because everything can be reduced to its chemical ingredients. Not only that, but government organizations, such as America’s FDA, has to approve chemicals, whereas natural chemicals are completely unregulated.

For example, some insecticides are injurious to humans and animals and the label will say that, but you can read somewhere that deadly nightshade is good for something, collect some, use it and die. No-one but you is responsible for that. Therefore, never just presuppose that ‘natural’ means safe, because it most certainly does not, necessarily.

The label on a tin or box gives you a degree of safety. In other words someone has done the research for you and is frightened of being taken to court. If you use home cures, you are on your own.

A ‘natural’ insecticide called rotenone, is obtained from derris root. It is completely safe for humans, but it will kill fish. Like most substances, rotenone is lethal in large doses, but no-one or no animals are likely to eat that much of it

Sabadilla is a natural insecticide, which can cause irritation to the eyes and breathing in some people, but it is not dangerous. To be on the safe side, lock up your pets and wear a mask when dispersing it

Pepper can be used as an insecticide. Grind it up, mix it with water and spray it on insects or leaves. As we all know, dry pepper, especially white pepper can aggravate the eyes and nasal passages.

If you want to make your own pesticides, particularly termite killer, from tobacco leaves, you have to be very cautious. The vapours are toxic to mammals as well as insects. If you want to try using tobacco, which eradicates many insects, you ought to research the topic very carefully before you start.

However, there are many natural insecticides that are almost totally risk-free. Boric acid for instance. It will kill many insects, but it is only a little more poisonous to man that salt. Surprising, eh? Yes, salt is poisonous too, if you consume 52 kilos of it.

Diatomaceous earth is a completely safe pesticide that works by dehydrating the insect. It is very improbable that you will get yourself into a situation where diatomaceous earth could dehydrate you or your dog.

Things that smell like lemons, such as lemon juice, lemon grass and citronella are effective mosquito deterrents and are completely innocuous to humans and their pets. You can dab the essential oil on or sit near the plants themselves.

The neem tree is also fairly harmless to humans and other animals, although it is worth understanding more about this vigorous insecticide and anaesthetic.

All in all, you should be cautious when believing that ‘natural’ equates to safe. ‘Natural’ means rather that it is often cheaper and is less strong, which can be better for the environment, us humans and the animals that live with us.

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Eating Healthy as the Best Gout Home Remedy

Searching for a low-cost gout remedy? You can now find effective gout treatments in your very own kitchen! You no longer need to jump from one pharmacy to another to relieve the pain and discomfort caused by gout. Commonly used gout home remedy are fruits, herbs, vegetables and roots. These have several benefits and are generally safe to use. They can also be used simultaneously and together with your medication.

A good gout home remedy will do the following:

– Relieve pain. – Reduce swelling – Eliminate stiffness – Detoxify and rid uric acid crystals from the body – Boost healthy blood circulation to aid in the flushing away of toxins – Speed healing of joint tissues to prevent uric acid build-up.

Fruits as gout home remedy:

Potassium turns acid crystals into a solution that can be easily flushed out by your body. Fruits that are especially high in potassium are your best bet when it comes to curing gout. These high-potassium fruits include dried peaches, avocados, cantaloupe, oranges, bananas, tomatoes and dried prunes.

Other fruits have their benefits as gout home remedy too.

Lemon fuels the production of calcium carbonate, which balances acids in the body. Take the juice of lemon, dilute in water and drink as a gout home remedy.

Cherries and berries have been popularly known to fight gouty attacks. You can start by purchasing blueberries, cherries and strawberries from your local supermarket as fresh produce or concentrated juices. These fruits are rich with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds and enzymes that neutralize uric acid in the body. Grapes are good, too, since they contain Alkalines that neutralize acidity.

Apples and bananas are also fruits known to cure gout. Maintaining a gout-preventing diet is as easy as eating 1 apple a day and 2-3 bananas per day for 4 days.

Herbs as gout home remedy:

One herb known to cure ailments is the turmeric. People from ancient times have been known to use this. Now it is known to be a potent antimicrobial, anticarcinogenic, antioxidant and blood strengthener. It is also considered to treat inflammation just like cortisone. Another herb, cayenne pepper, is known to have the same effect.

Also try artichoke, which contains cynarin. Cynarin is a compound known to prevent liver impairment and joint problems, thus benefiting those with gout.

Herbal teas such as buchu tea is also another effective gout home treatment. Other gout-fighting herbs include parsley and saffron, which can be a natural diuretic and acid neutralizer.

Some of the vegetables you can use against gout are spinach, potatoes and carrots since these are rich in potassium. As mentioned earlier, foods high in potassium detoxify the body from uric acid crystals. Also try eating more garlic as a gout home remedy-popularly known to be good for the heart, garlic has also been found to relieve gout symptoms. Finely chop fresh garlic and add to salads and other dishes as a natural gout home remedy.

Although these ingredients safe to use and are excellent gout home remedy, you should still consider consulting a physician.

Get more anti gout diet tips and eat your way to good health. A good diet may be the key to the best gout home remedy.

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Plastic Surgery Helps People Have A Better View Of Themselves

Did you know that plastic surgery has many applications that go beyond aesthetics? Plastic surgery includes reconstructive surgery, which can be used to fix a ripped earlobe or reduce painful scarring.

Plastic surgery can be used to reconstruct a nose that has been damaged by melanoma or a bad accident. This has practical purposes, as people with damaged noses are more likely to snore, and can also improve a person’s self-image.

Plastic surgery can be very beneficial to people who have always been self-conscious about a certain physical attribute. This can not only improve one’s appearance, but can also have psychological and emotional benefits as well.

Body image can be crippling if it monopolizes your ability to carry on with life. Many people struggle with body image. For people who have long struggled with image issues do to one irregularity, plastic surgery can have a positive impact on their perception of the world.

It is not uncommon for people suffering from low body image to have difficulty relating to others. The perception they carry about themselves may come out in how they treat other people. This may come out in simple body language without them even realizing it. As a person’s psychological outlook improves after plastic surgery, often their communication improves as well.

Many children suffer from psychological trauma as a result of teasing from other children. After years of this treatment, a person’s self-worth often declines. By adulthood, these grown children often continue to suffer from feeling of low self-worth.

If this is the case for you, you may want to carefully weigh the risks and the benefits of plastic surgery. Chances are, correcting that small deformity that has led to so much trauma will improve your emotional state.

Plastic surgery is not for everyone, and every surgery has risks. But for many, the physical, psychological, and emotional benefits of plastic surgery can improve a person’s self-worth and outlook on life.

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Cataracts And The Regain Of Sight

When I was about forty years of age, I could feel that I would soon require specs. I worked long hours in an office at a computer and most of my friends thought that this was the cause of my diminishing eyesight. I only put the spectacles on like everyone else does and got on with the job.

However, ten years later, my eyesight took an abrupt turn for the worse and I was diagnosed with premature senile cataracts, at least that is how they translated it into English from the Thai as I had by now married a Thai lady and moved to her village in rural northern Thailand. I went to a very decent hospital in Pattaya known as the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital and one of their senior eye surgeons examined me.

She confirmed the diagnosis and added that it was probable that the other eye would develop a cataract at some time in the future although there was no sign of it at that time. The next day she carried out an operation to remove the lens from my eye and replace it with a plastic one.

The operation is quite painless although it can get a bit scary and lasts between thirty and sixty minutes. Mine was ‘a long one’, said the surgeon at forty minutes. After an hour’s recovery, a nurse showed my wife and me how to care for my eye and I was permitted to go. My eye was taped up, so I could not see out of it until that evening when my wife put the drops in.

Everything was so vivid and clear. It was truly amazing. I had to keep going back for post-operative care for four weeks and then we went back to the village. I cannot convey how fantastic it was to be able to see clearly again without glasses after what I realized was more than a decade.

The eye or the brain or both take a a little time to adjust to the new lens and your eyesight improves for a period of time which can be from six to twenty-four months. Within six months, my other eye began to pack up. It had borne the strain of two eyes for long enough and now that there was a working replacement, it decided to quit fighting the impending cataract and gave up.

I was not back to square one because my plastic eye was far better that the other one had been in comparable circumstances. So, about six months later, I went back to Pattaya to get the other one done. The operation was the same with the same surgeon. I went back the next day for the check up, but it was a long wait for my turn and the time came around for my drops. My wife put them in but as I removed my protective eye-covering, I noticed the English-language newspaper on the table in front of me.

That was not unusual, but what was really unusual was that I could read it – without specs for the first time in fifteen years! I could see the look of revulsion on my fellow patients’ faces as they looked into my eye so I put the covering back on. (After the operation the eye swells up and it as black as an eight-ball with a blood-red dot in the middle – it is very frightening).

When I went in to see the surgeon and told her about the newspaper, she smiled. “Yes”, she said, “that was my surprise, I put a long-distance lens in last time and a reading lens in this time. Your brain will decide what you are looking at and use the right eye”.

She had not told me because a small percentage of brains cannot perform this trick, which is why some people cannot take to variofocals too.

That was a year ago and both plastic eyes and brain have ‘bedded in’ nicely. I can read a book and drive a car without specs and my world is so brilliant. I still wonder at the brightness everyday. I had not noticed the light getting gradually dimmer for fifteen years.

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Different Anti-Vaginal Infection Treatments

It is quite normal for women to contract vaginal infection caused by bacteria. Bacterial vaginosis can cause acute infection causing burning sensation during urination as well as cause fever. The only way of controlling and eliminating the bacterial infection in such cases is with the use of antibiotics. However the cure cannot guarantee that you will not contract the infection again sometime in the future.

There are several treatment options available for this problem. Some of the bacterial vaginosis treatments provide long term relief too.

The bacteria are normally always present in the vagina. However the secretions as well as the body immunity keeps their growth under check. The water and liquid intake flushes out the bacteria along with other toxins. However due to changes in the body as a result of hormonal imbalance or due to inadequate personal hygiene, the body immunity could get lowered and the conditions could become ripe for bacteria to multiply and grow causing an infection. When the patient is affected with the infection the symptoms like fever, severe burning as well as itching and inflammation set in immediately. A lab test of urine will confirm the presence of the bacteria.

We are giving below the four popular methods by which the bacterial infection can be treated.

As soon as you are aware of early symptoms of a possible infection, you could immediately start using the anti bacterial gels or cream. These are available over the counter in any chemist shop without prescription. In many cases this could be only a temporary remedy.

Antibiotics are the most often and sure shot treatment opted by doctors invariably to contain and eliminate the infection. However using antibiotics has its pluses and minuses too. While on the positive side it is able to completely destroy the bacteria, the flip side is that it kills all the bacterial including the good ones that are helpful to the body. This would lead to weakening of the body immunity in the long run.

There is yet another popular alternate system or method of trying to battle with bacterial infections which is the homeopathy way. Homeopathic medicines contain animal, plant and chemical extracts. This could be a good option for a long term cure as it works at the root of the problem and tries to eliminate the infection.

Apart from Allopathic and Homeopathy, there are several natural remedies and home grown remedies too. You can ask your grandma for the instant relief treatment and try to control the infection. One thing is for sure, with liters of water you can successfully flush out the bacteria and clean your body system, if you act at the right time.

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The Importance of Having a Utility Survey

The demand for utility surveys has greatly increased over the years. Before starting a digging or construction project it is very important to know what pipes and cables are underneath and their exact location. This is vital information which can tell you whether the project is feasible and also has design and construction implications.

Utility maps of the pipes and cables that are underground are often incorrect. For example, pipes and cables may have to be moved during repair and the maps are not updated. Sometimes utility maps do not exist at all.

Therefore although it is legally required to contact a utility marking office prior to any digging or drilling project, it is possible that the information you receive from them is false or incomplete. As a result there is a chance that you could dig into a utility pipe or cable which can prove very costly as well as extremely dangerous. Digging into a utility pipe or wire is also going to severely delay a project.

Having a utility survey done is the modern solution to this problem. A utility survey is a way of using underground mapping technology to produce maps of underground pipes and cables and their positions. This is done using equipment such as Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) and electromagnetic detectors which can detect utility cables and pipes and their exact positions, and this allows project managers to get hold of much more accurate two dimensional and three dimensional maps which should lead to reduced risk of a disaster occurring.

The information that can be gathered from utility mapping includes advanced details of underground structures, pipes and lines. Concrete pipes, electricity cables, water and gas pipes can all be clearly marked by an underground utility survey, even in the most demanding of underground environments.

It is therefore best to contact an experienced and specialist utility surveying company prior to commencement of digging or construction as they will use the very latest modern equipment to perform a utility survey in order to create the most up to date utility maps. This could well end up saving you time and money.

Learn more about utility surveys by going to the Subtechnics website at http://www.subtechnics.co.uk.

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Window Cleaning Service For Sparkling Windows

When you work hard all day and need a break then a window cleaning service can really help ease the extra pressure. It allows you to have time to yourself instead of getting home and worrying about having to clean the windows. Some windows only need doing once in a while.

Window cleaners can really help to make the home look brighter and cleaner. Window cleaners are professional cleaners with years of experience to clean windows. Each window cleaner has a standard of professionalism that is hard to find with other companies.

All window cleaners are fully insured and vetted before they are allowed to clean the windows in a home. After all you do not want someone to clean your windows that you cannot trust. Window cleaners specialise using many products that do the job better than home ones.

Professional window cleaners have knowledge about stains and other household problems that the ordinary person might not know. Often there are simple solutions that can repair any damage to windows. If there is a stain on the window then the window cleaner will probably be able to clean it.

If you have just had a baby or are finding things a bit difficult. If your work is full time and you don’t get the time to clean your windows. Staff are fully trained and usually work in all weathers. They can clean the windows in your home or office and leave the windows gleaming. Window cleaning services are ideal for those people that just want to treat themselves.

Sometimes life can get too hectic to be able to cope with all the demands of house work. Therefore window cleaners can be the ideal solution to relieve the stress during busy times. If work is placing demands such as over time then consider hiring a window cleaning company that can just ease the stress for you. That means if you have worked a hard day then you can get home to sparkling windows that make the home lighter. Some people even buy window cleaning packages as gifts to their loved ones. Window cleaning packages make fantastic gifts and are quite unusual. If you know someone who has got everything then maybe a cleaning gift package would be ideal? Especially with Christmas coming soon.

When you work hard all day and need a break then a window cleaning service or pro window cleaners can definitely help ease the extra anxiety. It allows you to have time to yourself instead of doing it all yourself.

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Precognition – A Basic Understanding

The term precognition refers to the ability to gain knowledge about events that are going to happen in the future. The word has its roots in the two words of ‘prior to’ and ‘cognito which means acquiring knowledge prior to its occurrence. It is one of the most commonly found psychic powers and also the most popular.

Usually a person preconceives something a day or two before the incident occurs. However there have been many instances where precognition has taken place many years before the actual event. The subject of precognition more often than not is seen to be negative in aspect and linked to people the individual is intimate with. That is, the prior knowledge about the death of a loved one, or a vision or a dream about a family member or friend meeting with an accident, etc.

Since time immemorial precognition has existed across religion and cultures. Starting from ancient spiritual preachers being able to predict future incidents, oriental monks performing dream yoga to astrologers forecasting future life events of a person, so on and so forth. Man has always been interested in knowing what future has in store for him and that is the sole reason for the popularity of precognition.

The two words which precognition is confused and used alternatively with are those of premonition and prophecy. But it must be stated that while premonition refers to just the feeling or sensing that something going to happen, prophecy is just a subset of precognition. Thus all precognitions are not prophecies but all prophecies are cases of precognitions.

If you have experienced knowing about something or having a sudden vision or a dream which went on to happen in reality or even smaller things like being able to state who is going to call, or the outcome of a match and you’ve secretly pondered whether you have the psychic power of precognition or not, you can test yourself to be sure once and for all. One of the oldest tests of precognition is that of the Zener Cards which you can also avail online.

Developed by Carl Zener and Dr. Rhine, this test consist of a set of cards each having a symbol on it. The process involves removing a card from the deck with you attempting to predict its symbol. The process continues till the time the deck gets depleted and thereafter your scores are given. Based on the algorithms of Dr. Rhine, the scores reflect whether you have ‘no ability’ ‘some ability’ ‘significant ability’ or ‘very significant ability’ in precognition.

In case you are aware of your power of precognition and want to work on it to improve, then the best strategy is to start with small day to day self practices. Thus, you may roll a dice and predict its outcome, predict the caller when the telephone rings, predict the outcome of a match, debate or a movie, so on and so forth.

In case you want your ability to improve and develop to such a level that you can control it and use it when required, the techniques of meditation and trance can be used to induce precognitive knowledge. A deep trance or a dazed condition where all peripheral perceptions cease, facilitates the mind to focus in the direction of using your psychic ability of precognition. Meditation increases ones control on the sub conscious mind and develops any kind of extra sensory perceptions further.

Many a times precognition is considered to be a curse by psychics as they believe it hinders their living as a normal person. But it must be noted that having such an ability is extremely rare and should be considered a as gift. One must acknowledge this fact, develop his/her abilities further in helping other people.

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What to Expect with Gout Remedies

Gout usually comes about when uric acid turns to crystallized form and lodges in the joints not only in the big toe but also in other joints in the body such as wrists, ankles, ears, and elbows, among others. The most common indication of this condition is severe pain in the big toe. Other symptoms include swollen and tender joints, and also painful attacks that can either last for a couple of hours or days. When it starts to flare up people who suffer from this problem often seek gout-remedies that help with the pain.

Gout remedies do come in different types. Over-the-counter meds are available, but they can cause side-effects after extended use. Many sufferers of gout turn to old remedies.

The natural way is the best way to help cure gout. Cherries are rich in Vitamin C and are known to remove joint deposits. Apple has been proven effective in reducing gout pain. Take one each day if you are afflicted with gout.

There are home remedies for gout. One good example can be used for gout affecting the toes. Soak the affected toes in water and one-third cup of ginger for half an hour. After 30 minutes have passed, make sure to clean your body completely to remove the ginger formula. You may like this if your skin needs to be protected from irritation.

Drinking more water is a simple and effective way to treat gout. Lots of people fail to realize that keeping yourself hydrated can help prevent gout from appearing since it washes away the urate crystals from your body. You have more of a chance of being gout free the more you drink water.

In addition to these well-known medications, make sure you exercise your joints to helps relieve your case of gout. You joints and muscles can be helped by stretching exercises. It would be best to focus your attention on the affected joints in your body when you conduct these exercises. See to it that you get to exercise every day for at least 15 minutes.

These particular gout remedies are far more useful than the ones offered by the doctor today. For those who want to relieve themselves from the pain and swelling of their joints, these natural remedies are definitely the best choice.

Treating gout is easy with these quick home remedies. You can help reduce your overall pain and swelling by using some basic exercises and ingredients that you probably have in your home right now.

Stop suffering from Gout. Learn about control gout now, and look into how you can heal it with this advice on gout treatment.

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The Unconscious Mind – Does It Really Exist?

Researchers have said that we only use about 10% of our brains′ capacities, which means that fully 90% is left dormant, untouched. Could you imagine what you might be capable of if you could access even a small part of the remaining unused part of your mind power?

What is power of mind? Scientists have known for a long time that there are some people who can access different aspects of the unconscious mind to manifest various abilities, strengths and perceptions. These abilities can often include the range of extra-sensory and psychic abilities.

However, just because these people have displayed these abilities doesn’t mean that they’re special or different from everybody else. In fact, everyone can access their unconscious minds and develop their own gifts and powers, similarly.

Unfortunately, the majority of people possess these skills in a latent form. They remain locked in the unused ninety percent, but they are present behind those barriers.

How do you unlock this potential? You access your unconscious mind and find that you have the ability to manifest what you want in life. You may also find that you have other special abilities you didn’t know about, such as telekinesis, remote viewing, levitation, precongnition, or many other so-called “supernatural” abilities.

There are several ways you can accessing your unconscious mind and begin to release the latent abilities hiding inside you.

Affirmations are one great way to do this. Affirmations simply tap into your unconscious mind, which is so very, very powerful. Every choice you make, everything you do, comes from a thought that originally manifested in your unconscious mind. It is processed and then moved into your conscious mind, where you can then act on the information in question.

Affirmations work because you can repeat positive messages or phrases to yourself several times throughout the day; do this often enough, and your unconscious mind eventually picks those things up, brings them to your conscious mind, and puts them into reality. Through this, you can literally change conscious thought processes from negative to positive, and literally change your life. Your desires, in other words, can truly be manifested in this way.

So for a moment, let’s take a look at what you say to yourself. Do you say, for example, ‘I can’t afford it,’ or ‘I’ll always be fat,’ or, ‘I don’t deserve to be happy’? You can take what you say to yourself and change it to something positive so that ultimately, your unconscious mind will pick up on it and begin to make it happen in a positive way.

Visualization, too, is a technique that can work to change your life by allowing you to tap into your unconscious mind. More than simple daydreaming, visualization is you taking charge of what your unconscious mind gets for its messages, as opposed to the randomness that is daydreaming, often.

So, do this. Visualize, truly picturing yourself as you want your life to be. What do you want in your life? What do you want in your relationships? What level of abundance do you want to be living at? Visualize all those things with you enjoying them as already present. Do this long enough, and your unconscious mind will eventually take those images and begin to bring them to fruition, to make them happen for you.

Hypnosis, too, is a good way to access your unconscious mind and may be the easiest. Hypnosis has given very positive results to people who wanted to lose weight, increase self-esteem, attract success, or quit smoking, as just a few examples.

Self-hypnosis is a very easy, quick way to develop your own mind powers when it suits you. You can listen to recordings of hypnotherapy sessions to reinforce the affirmations directly into your unconscious mind.

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