The Historical Evolution of International Television

Since the availability of international television channels came about from the hands of satellite companies, everyone has had new opportunities to watch television channels that were once locked to their own continents. But like all great things, these type of systems were very expensive at the start. These conditions created a demand for better cheaper alternatives, and so the underground market of satellite dish hacking boomed. Hackers with advanced technical knowledge would be able to get satellite signals for free. However, the satellite companies quickly caught on and began using increasingly advanced encryption protocols on their signals, in an effort to control the market and stop hackers. And so this was the scene near the introduction of expensive satellite services.

With the dawn of the world wide web, new transmission gateways for information continued to develop and improve. And the most popular information distribution network became the internet! And so, international channel transmission started to make the transformation of being transmitted across the internet. New powerful applications were developed and improved that could provide users with access to thousands upon thousands of international tv channels through the internet, finally without any senseless monthly fees. But like all industries and corporations, satellite tv providers did not adapt to this new technology, but continued to be persistent and charge huge monthly fees to their customers. But like all new changes, as each person makes the switch to effective international television software, the corporations lose yet another customer from their monopoly, and may eventually be forced to lower their prices to a respectable levels. But by then, it will be too late for them.

The question on most skeptics minds is ‘how does this work?’. Well, let us talk about a specific example so that we may answer this question. Currently the top satellite tv software is able to provide over three thousand channels to users from hundreds of different countries, all in HD quality! The software works by searching through a huge database of channels from all around the world. The software is able to directly connect to the world’s broadcast studios, top satellite providers, and local television providers, to directly stream high quality video streams to users. Because it is a community project, it is always being improved with added channels, software updates, and increased effectiveness. Best part of all, the entire process is 100% legal!

What about the setup? Setup could not be easier! A new user needs only to download the installation file, and run the setup wizard. The setup wizard guides you through a 2 minute installation, and then your new sleek software is ready for action! Welcome to the digital age of television, we know you will enjoy your stay. And with no monthly fees, it really is a fantastic product. You are able to update by clicking one button, and instantly add new channels and features! If you are ever having problems, a one click brings you to a thorough help desk. And with each person that frees themselves from the grasp of satellite television providers, you help to bring the world to the digital age of television.

What channels will you watch?

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