The Samsung UE32B7000

Samsung reached out to their customers when designing their new Series 7 television, the Samsung UE32B7000. Customers have often wished LED televisions featured a clearer picture with excellent colors. Also, customers want access to multimedia content on their television without having to play with too many gadgets. Additionally, customers want a television that works equally well while viewing movies, viewing sporting events, or playing video games. Samsung listened to all of these concerns and addressed them with their new television.

One of the main issues with an LED television is the quality of the picture that is displayed. The Samsung UE32B7000 offers the best in new display technologies which means that the display is sharp and bright at all times. This is what the consumers have asked for and Samsung has made this possible with newer technologies. Some of the larger television LCD screens do not offer the picture quality that can sometimes be found in smaller screen that do not get distorted with size.

The advancements in the Samsung brand of television means that the colors are going to seem more realistic than ever before. This is done by adjusting each individual pixel automatically. With the best contrast on the market, the blacks are always going to be deep and true and the whites are going to be brighter than ever before. When this is done in this manner, the display is the most true to life as has ever been.

Many would think that the advancements in the technologies of the picture would be enough to put Samsung at the top of consumer’s lists, but they did not stop there. Not only is the picture phenomenal, but consumers can also access all of their favorite internet content through the internal processor. Watching YouTube on the television has never been easier along with accessing streaming movies and any other content that is wanted.

This television even allows for a connection directly to any home computer via a wireless connection. This is a great way to access family pictures and videos and share them with the family during special events. This is also going to allow for any downloaded movies to be streamed directly to the television without ever having any wires to hook up or equipment being moved. When customers ask for something, Samsung delivers.

With technology improving as rapidly as it has been, it is nice to see a company who is running full steam with them and giving the customers what they want. Anyone who wants a picture that offers nearly true to life viewing is going to be impressed with this television. Action games and movies are no longer going to seem like they are two dimensional. It is going to feel like the user is a part of the action.

With all these great features it is disappointing to find that not much effort was put into the sound quality. It does not have the best sound system and if true theater sound is wanted, speakers are going to need to be added externally. Even though they are easy to install, some people would prefer not having to deal with doing it.

It is great to see a company that offers the customer what they want such as the Samsung UE32B7000. This television has a screen that offers the best in picture quality. It can be connected to a home computer or laptop and can stream the media there via a wireless connection. Anyone who spends a good deal of time in front of the television is going to appreciate this model.

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