Thinking About Getting A Reflexion LCD?

Many people have not even ever heard of the name Reflexion and have no idea that they produce electronics goods. But the truth is, this company have been around for years and for those that know them, there is no other way to go for a LCD. You see, while other relly well known companies pour they’re budgets in to letting the world know of they’re existence, Reflexion put they’re money into researching and producing only the best electronic products you can get.

The brilliantly designed television that delivers unbeatable picture performance, Reflexion TDD-1500 LCD TV is incorporated with advanced technical features and various enhanced functions which make it unique and versatile. This flat panel LCD TV exhibits a stunning widescreen of 15 inches size and 1024 x 768 pixels display resolution.

Moreover, this 15″ flat panel TV offers good picture quality with capability of displaying 450:1 contrast ratio, 4:3 standard & native aspect ratio and 300cd/ф brightness. It has the ability to display different broadcast formats including 720p (HDTV), 480p (EDTV) and 480i (SDTV). Apart from that, the TV comes with rapid response time of up to 16ms.

In addition, this LCD TV comes with integrated DVB digital tuner and Free view support, allowing the users to view free view channels.

The special feature of this fabulous gadget is that, it enables playback of your favourite DVD’s via the integrated DVD player, for added versatility.

Those apart, the uniquely designed and highly impressive TV is made available along with a well-designed remote control and the required batteries for it to function. A TV stand is also included in the package and it enables to install the device as per convenience in your living room.

Moreover, it facilitates compact positioning with its space-conserving dimensions of Height 2.7 cm, Width 3 cm and Depth .5 cm. The Reflexion TDD-1500 Flat Panel LCD TV that weighs 6.99 kg is also energy efficient, taking up only 60W power while in use.

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