Users Give The Amazon Kindle Thumbs Up Reviews

Just in case you have not heard about the Amazon Kindle, please allow us to tell you about it. This is the best e-book reader around. The new version of the Kindle recently came out and it is better than ever.

The updated version has a much sleeker look and hand-feel. It weighs in at only 10 ounces (less than a paperback book) and its measurements are 8″ x 5″ x 0.36″. Notice that it is only about one-third of an inch thick.

One of the biggest worries heard from people who have not used the reader before is screen glare. Reading a computer screen is tiring and uncomfortable for a lot of people. Fortunately, Amazon took that into account when creating this product. There is no backlight on a Kindle and the screen really does read just like a piece of paper with no glare or eye strain. It is easy to read in bright sunlight, which is another difference from a computer screen. To read in the dark, use a book light clipped to the top of the Kindle.

Able to carry 1500 books, the Kindle makes it easy to read multiple books at the same time, as voracious readers are often prone to do. The 3G wireless feature means that you can download books quickly (within 60 seconds) without having to look for a Wi-Fi connection, without needing a contract with Sprint and at no extra cost. About 100 countries throughout the world have 3G coverage so far.

No matter what genre you prefer, you will find it at Amazon. At this writing there are 450,000 different books, magazines, newspapers and blogs available for purchase. You can also select reading material from the 1.8 million copyright-free books published prior to 1923. The Kindle is able to read Audible books, HTML, Word documents, PDF files, text and Mobipocket formats. As a bonus, the new reader has a built-in dictionary.

The new Amazon Kindle has a battery that holds its charge for a week. The old Kindle only lasted four days. Plug the reader into the USB port on your computer and recharge easily.

Amazon is positive you will love the freedom and convenience the new Kindle offers. For those who do not like it, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose if you have been considering such a purchase. Now is the time to go ahead and order your new Amazon Kindle. Is it worth the money? The answer is a resounding “yes”.

Check out the Kindle 2.0 reader for yourself – and have a look at the wide range of Kindle accessories available to help you customise your reader.

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