Web Site Design: Ways to Price Your Work Accurately

Accurate pricing is an important aspect of work that web site design companies need to keep in mind seriously. The same goes with freelance web designers as well. For accurate price estimates, keep in mind contacting a Atlanta web design company..

To give you an idea of how much your work is worth, here are a several things you need to contemplate before you give your work a price tag.

What sort of project is it.

Before going on to evaluate a web development project, you’ll need to know the type of work you’ll be doing. Ask the question:

-How much effort is required and how extensive it is going to be?

– Will it need making designs or images from scratch?

– Where will the content come from?

– Will the site need flash, multimedia, programming or scripting?

-When is the deadline?

When you understand what your client basically needs, you will have an idea of how much work the project will need. This will in turn give you an estimated figure regarding the price of the project.

Your experience level.

This is quite straightforward. Charging more gets a lot easier the more experienced you are. Even though everyone has different tastes, one thing is for sure. Each of us wants top quality work.

So the better you are at your craft, the easier it is for you to charge a higher going rate. Just make sure your rates are still justifiable and fair.


Maintaining a website is different from designing it. Before starting on the project, you’ll want to discuss this distinction with your client. There are people who think that website maintenance is bundled with web site design but is isn’t, so you should tell your client that he will have to pay another fee if he wants you to do it.

The current going rate.

Your prices have to be competitive, your going rate should compliment your skills and quality of work while still being reasonable.

To achieve this, you have to research a little and compare your price to others working in the same field. Adjust your going rate depending on what the majority are asking for.

Your earnings target.

Don’t forget the importance of compensation as a driving force for when you start your work on a project. The quality and speed of completion will depend heavily on the issue of compensation. Due to this, just fix your going rate based on how you feel towards the project. To obtain a good estimate of your job, contact several Atlanta web design services.

If the project is something you’re familiar with and maybe enjoy doing, you can go with your standard going rate or even provide a small discount if the clients are working with you for the first time. But if you don’t feel comfortable with doing the project, maybe you could charge a little more.

To end, just remember to never go beyond your level of expertise. Doing so will only give you a headache rather than a fat paycheck.

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