What Does Pay Per Click Mean, And Why Should You Care

Pay Per Click advertising is a booming industry on the internet. You have probably seen them on the side of search engines and web pages. These adverts are supplied by advertising agencies that market them for their clients throughout the internet. The most famous provide is Google with their Ad Words scheme, although many others provide similar products.

They work because they are highly targeted and performance based. What do this two concepts mean? They are targeted because viewers are often only presented with adverts that are related to the subject they are searching for, or reading about. They are performance based because advertisers only pay when viewers click on their advert. This provides a level of assurance to advertisers that their adverts are being viewed, which is a big advantage on other medias where there is no guarantee the adverts is been seen or acted upon.

Unfortunately some still try to commit fraud by creating pay per click rings where people are paid to click on adverts simply to charge the pay per click fee. This is illegal and frowned upon by providers. You could risk banning from the service if you are caught.

Obviously not every visitor will click on your adverts but a percentage will, what that percentage will be will depend on a number of factors.

They are many variables that will affect how high your rate of visitors to pay per clicks. Probably the most important variable is how relevant your website is to what your clients are looking for. Most web pages get a large share of their traffic from search engines.

If the theme of the advert is related to the content of the page the chances of a visitor wanting to read more about an advert is much more likely. For instance, if an internet user finds your rugby blog after doing a search on rugby they are very unlikely to click on an advert about ballet dancing lessons, but are much more likely to click on a rugby shoes sale.

However, not every subject is the same with this system. The price paid to website owners for each click will vary on the topic of the advert. This is because the price is worked on a purely capitalistic basis, offer and demand. If there are a lot of advertisers willing to pay for an advert the price will automatically increase. As you would expect, the larger the profit margin in an industry the more they are willing to pay towards advertising. That is why finance, mortgages, insurance, lawyers and real estate are often at the top of the most expensive adverts.

Another important factor that will determine your success with Pay Per Click adverts is where you place them. There are sweet spots on every web page that increase the rate of response of readers. The top of the page, left side and areas in between posts, for blogs, are among the best locations for adverts.

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