What You Should Know About How To Build Wind Turbine Generators

If you choose to build wind turbine generators there are a few basics you need to know.

Wind generators are normally installed on a tower that places them about one hundred feet above ground. This allows the turbine to catch the most wind. At this level, buildings and trees do not interfere with the wind. At lower levels these obstructions would cause the generator to be much less effective. Install the generator at a higher level and you will catch enough wind in many locations to have a steady source of power.

Wind speeds do often vary and the amount of power produced is related to wind speed. If the generator were connected directly to the home power supply the surges would likely damage most of the equipment in your home. A battery pack can be used to absorb the power spikes and provide your home with power at a constant level. Battery power must be ran through an inverter in order to operate these appliances.

Once the batteries are fully charged, the power should automatically switch from charging the battery to another load in order to prevent damage to the turbine and battery pack.

Plans for building wind generators abound. A DC motor that has a permanent magnet is often used in these home made generators. When the motor is spun by wind power, m it will produce current. This current can be used in charging batteries for home power.

While wind generators are effective at producing power, the amount produced is often limited. In most cases, it cannot be used to heat your home. You will want to find other alternative heat sources that will work better for home heating.

Wind and solar power often work well together. This allows you to keep batteries at full charge both day and night. Consider adding solar panels to your system.

Instructions to build wind turbine generators can easily be found by searching the internet.

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